Handy Barbecue Tips

Is there anything better than a barbecue in the sun?

There have been flickers of brilliance in the weather so far this year, and while things still remain somewhat unpredictable, there are more and more people reaching for the barbecue in those hour long stints of sunshine that we do get. After all…we all love a barbecue in the sun!

In this blog, we have some videos to help you out when it comes to outdoor cooking this summer.

Lets start with the charcoal barbecue, the classic that keeps on going. Charcoal barbecues are great if you’re a fan of that authentic barbecue taste and want something that costs a little less than the gas alternative. However, we must reiterate that you should NOT barbecue inside a tent or enclosed space, Carbon Monoxide is a very real killer.
Check out our latest video on which charcoal we recommend, and the best way to light your charcoal.

Of course the other option would be your gas barbecue, and of course the main benefit of gas is how much easier it is to light.

Along with standard gas barbecues, we also stock the new Cadac Carri Chef 2, which is a gas barbecue that can double up as a gas stove and much much more. Ian Mac has a go on an older version of the Carri Chef below, and tells you about his chicken kebab recipe.

If you’re cooking outdoors, then you probably need a coolbox or coolbag to keep your food or drink at a nice temperature. At GO Outdoors we stock a wide variety of coolboxes, from powered fridges all the way down to travel coolbags.

Check out our handy coolbox guide:

If you plan to cook outdoors this weekend, then make sure you check out our cooking department for a full range of gas stoves, barbecues, utensils and more:

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We can provide everything but the sun, sorry about that!