How outdoor clothing adverts used to look

‘Men are better than women’ claims outdoor ad in 1959

In an ever changing world it’s sometimes very easy to long for the good old days, or how things used to be. Every now and then there’s something that makes you whince a little, and this ad for Drummond sweaters makes us think that sometimes things change for the better..

Thanks to @CumbrianRambler on twitter for bringing this one to our attention. After checking around according to ‘the society pages‘ this ad was published in American Esquire in 1959. Things change quite a bit in 55 years!

We’re quite proud to have a very evenly split following between male and female (we even have some canines following us on twitter, strangely enough). It’s such an interesting snapshot into how things were.

I wouldn’t trust that man’s belay technique at all.