In Conversation with Jack Redgate

A chat with Jack about finding escapism from lockdown…

The past year of our lives has been something we never expected. And for a lot of us, it’s been tough. Staying positive in a world where there’s so much negative news around us has proven difficult, and trying to pick ourselves back up when we’ve been lower than ever has been hard. However, there is one thing which many of us have found has helped us get through these tough times; the outdoors.

We spoke with Jack Redgate, a photographer and videographer who spends his time outdoors admiring natural beauty and taking stunning snapshots on all his adventures.

How Has Lockdown Been For You?

Lockdown definitely hasn’t been easy for everyone and I think I have been very lucky in terms of living with family and my girlfriend, but it has definitely brought its fair share of challenges. It’s made me go back to basics in a lot of things and appreciate the smallest of moments.

I found escapism in my work and creating stories and storing memories. It has been something I’ve always used for escapism and I am very grateful to have found it.

What Have You Learnt From Lockdown?

I think I’ve always had the sheer determination to always explore and adventure where I can, so I’ve definitely learnt more about myself in that way; all about how I yearn to break any routine I may find myself in. Routine is good and is important as and when you need it. However for me I like to break the “norms” because it gives you that feeling of control back that lockdown and this past year has taken away from us.

I have definitely learnt how important it is to understand other’s routines, as they may have a different way of dealing with lockdown, so it became really important for me to learn that and to do things that would make their lives easier.

What Does The Outdoors Mean To You?

From a very young age, my brother and I have always been brought up to explore the outdoors and go on these long knackering walks when we were kids that we didn’t fully appreciate at the time, but that has now grown into an undeniable appreciation and respect for the outdoors and all its different environments.

I think you can get so much from the outdoors in terms of mental health and general wellbeing. As someone who does struggle with mental health problems, it has definitely played a massive factor in helping me deal with them. From just going for a walk to the local forest or traveling abroad when we could, the outdoors gave me the headspace that I really needed.

I think the ability to go somewhere you’ve been before and see it with a new way of thinking or with new eyes each time and find something a bit extra really gives you that sense of purpose and satisfaction.

How Have You Been Keeping Yourself Motivated?

Motivation can and does have the ability to come from so many different places – it’s all about finding the correct one for you! It comes a lot from the work I do at the moment for me and telling these stories and messages, but if you don’t have something like that, it can be even harder.

So, I think changing our mind-set and how we perceive things does help. You cannot look at what others are doing and think “I should be motivated like them”, as that can bring you into an un-motivated spiral. Do things your way and get motivated by the things that make you happy! It’s a little bit of hard work now that will pay dividends in the future for your own motivation.

It’s like for anyone who starts exercising regularly, you feel tired and worn out getting started, but once you do it (even if it’s not right away) you’ll experience the short and long-term effects of getting yourself up and next time it should be easier.

My Top Tip :
I have to put little tasks in place that make me break out of any negative loops I have. One of these is if I’m even struggling to get out of bed in the morning I will count down from 5 or 10 and on 1 I’ll get up. I’ll make it something I have to do at the end of the countdown. It works 90% of the time, but as long as it’s doing something I’m happy because I know I will feel better later on.

What Advice Would You Give To Those Who Aren’t Feeling Motivated In Lockdown?

It’s a difficult one because the reason why you may be unmotivated could be so powerful and sometimes it’s tricky to know where to start. My advice would be to try and find a little outdoors spot (your garden, a place in the countryside, a park bench under a tree, anything like that) and take 10 minutes to yourself, because you deserve it! Everyone who has been going through this lockdown, and is finding it a massive drain on their ability to get up and go, deserves to have some time taken for themselves.

For example, I feel like I can’t allow myself time away from my desk when I have loads of work on. However, I have to remind myself and I’d like to say to others, that no amount of work, no amount of pressure from your everyday routine will ever be worth your motivation to carry on with your day and your own wellbeing.

So, if you can find it in the outdoors, that bit of time for yourself, then I think you’ll also get to see and understand how amazing the outdoors can be at the same time as taking care of yourself!

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