Indoor Climbing for Beginners

In case you hadn’t noticed, indoor climbing is booming at the moment, with indoor climbing centres popping up all over the UK. At GO Outdoors, we offer the advice and equipment you need to start indoor climbing safely. Here’s our beginner’s guide to indoor climbing – a chance for us to show you the ropes.

“An induction at your local climbing wall is the safest way to start climbing”

What is Indoor Climbing?

As the name suggests, indoor climbing predominately takes place inside in dedicated centres which feature manufactured walls using manmade features and climbing holds. Each climbing centre will offer a variety of climbing challenges and most cover the three most common types of indoor climbing – bouldering, top roping and lead climbing. Here’s Amy Hill, Head Instructor at the Boardroom Climbing Centre to explain the basics of indoor climbing.

Indoor climbing walls can be found in most large towns and cities across the UK. You can use the following links to find your nearest wall:

What Should I Expect From A Climbing Induction?

An induction at your local climbing wall is definitely the safest way to start climbing. A climbing induction takes place at your chosen centre with a trained instructor who will talk through with you the safety requirements, basic techniques and how to correctly use any equipment. Once the instructor is comfortable that you can climb safely and confidently, they will let you enjoy the walls on your own. Safety is of course a high priority when climbing indoors. Always follow the safety advice and have an awareness of the space around you, including who is around you. Buddying up with someone when climbing makes it more fun, but also means you have someone to spot you as you climb.

Amy Hill runs climbing inductions regularly at the Boardroom Climbing Centre. In this video she explains what to expect from an induction.

What Should I wear When Climbing Indoors?

Climbing, like more outdoor activities requires some basic specialist equipment to ensure you get the most out of your session. The great thing about indoor climbing centres is that you can hire all the equipment you need. Once you’re a confident climber, or feel the sport is definitely for you, then we recommend checking out your local GO Outdoors store to buy your own equipment. In the long run it will save you money and give you a more personalised experience. We caught up with Elite Climber, Jim Pope, to look through the basic gear you need to start climbing.

Climbing Chalk is an essential tool that climbers use. We asked Amy Hill, to explain why climbers use chalk. Click to watch this video:

“Take a break and enjoy a drink or snack to keep your energy levels topped up. This will also give your hands time to rest.”

What are the Basic Climbing Techniques?

On your climbing induction, you’ll be taught some basic techniques which form the basis of any climber’s sessions. From stretches and warm ups, to edging and balance, here’s Jim Pope to explain his top tips for new climbers.

So there you have it, all the basics you need to start indoor climbing from the experts. Remember to book your climbing induction at your local climbing wall, and for gear advice, speak to a GO Outdoors expert in one of our stores. See you on the wall!