Infographic: Which Insulated Jacket is Right for you?

There’s nothing cosier than an insulated jacket – but not all insulation is equal…

Insulated jackets are hugely popular in colder months, but it’s easier to make some quite common mistakes when purchasing. For example did you know you probably shouldn’t wear an untreated down jacket in the rain? That a synthetic insulated jacket might need to be heavier to be as warm as down? It’s important to research before you buy and make sure you pick up the item that is right for you.

In this infographic we compare some common factors that might effect which type of jacket you buy.

These are just some of the common differences between insulation types, and as with anything there are always exceptions to the rule. Technology advancements mean that insulation is improving all the time, down jackets are handling moisture better, synthetic jackets are replicating down better and better.

Need more help?

If you want more information on the differences between down and synthetic insulation, head over to our Insulated Jacket Buying Guide for more things to look out for, it could help you not to purchase a jacket that really isn’t right for what you intend to use it for.

As always experts are on hand in all GO Outdoors stores to answer any questions you may have about kit.

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