World’s Largest Kendal Mint Cake Attempt

Kendal Mint Cake

Music and Mint Cake collide!

As the festival season marches on, Kendal Calling arrives July 29th until Sunday 31st of July. The event in Lowther Deer Park is already sold out and the excitement from festival goers is already starting to mount with names such as The Cribs, Blondie, Chase and Status and Frank Turner looking to top the bill.

Amidst the music over the weekend, a  few hard workers from Ye Olde Sweet Shoppe and Wilson’s Confectioners will be mixing and baking for the Sunday when they will be looking to set the record for the worlds largest Kendal Mint Cake. Kendal Mint Cake is a staple part of any explorers rucksack, a fantastic source of quick release energy. The mint cake created at the festival has hopes of being 4m in length and almost 4m thick. To create the cake, they will be going back to the old school and stirring the mix by hand in copper pans.

The growing popularity of Kendal Calling will be great exposure for Kendal’s most famous export as well as getting both the festival and the cake into the Guinness Book of Records if they are successful.

Kendal Mint Cake is one of our best selling items at GO Outdoors; proof that the outdoor enthusiasts find it a vital part of a survival pack, or perhaps they just like the taste!