Knowing the brand – Berghaus

Getting to know the brand – where do your allegiances lie?

Which brand is right for you, and what do you want from them? Having a little insight into a brand’s history can often help you decide just what it is you require.

This time we look at Berghaus, innovators for over 40 years in the outdoor industry.

Berghaus is the creation of climbers and mountaineers Peter Lockey and Gordon Davison from the North East of England. In 1966, when outdoor gear as we know today didn’t really exist, their frustration for the lack of good gear inspired them to start their own business.

With their newly found vision to import and sell their own product, they established LD Mountain Centre, a specialist outdoor store in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. The store’s reputation grew fast, and it became renowned for the very best in high performance outdoor products.

As the success of the store grew, so did Lockey and Davison’s vision to proceed further and design, test and make their own gear. From this came the Berghaus Gemini (the first walking jacket to feature a zip-in fleece), the introduction of GORE-TEX into their products and the creation of the Yeti Gaiters, which are still regarded today as being one of the most significant developments in outdoor clothing.

With their innovative designs, high quality products and ability to give people what they wanted the Berghaus name was born.

Since the creation of Berghaus, Lockey and Davison have proceeded to make revolutionary changes in product design and continue to strive for pole position in producing the very best in outdoor gear.

Today Berghaus have over 40 years of experience in the industry and continue to innovate, push the boundaries and lead the way with industry changing products.

Check out the Berghaus Mera Peak and Berghaus Glissade 2 IA, which sit at the forefront of our industry today.

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