Lightweight Childrens Bikes from Wild Bikes – New for 2018

Wild Bikes always shine 

A new cycling brand has landed exclusively at GO Outdoors in 2018. Wild Bikes offer confidence-building lightweight children’s bikes.  Created for adventure, this range of bikes is your child’s next step from a balance bike and onward through their cycling development. The thoughtful components on each all come together to create an easy to ride bike, without going through the stabiliser phase.

Child-Friendly Geometry

We believe the best children’s bikes are bikes that are built with young riders in mind. The geometry and proportions of the Wild Bikes range are designed specifically for kids. The upright riding position and low centre of gravity help the rider with balance and create a more predictable ride where heavier bikes may cause the rider to swerve from side to side as soon as the stabilisers are removed.

Confidence Inspiring

Learning to ride a bike can be frustrating, so it’s important to keep the basics simple to give the rider confidence. Wild Bikes aren’t designed for stabilisers, they’re designed to be easy to control and easy to pedal as the next step up from a balance bike.

  • Lightweight aluminium frame
  • Easy to reach brake levers
  • Responsive V-brakes

Easy to Ride

Wild Bikes feature narrower cranks, which means that the rider’s legs are closer together and inline with smaller hips. This design makes pedalling much easier and natural for a child.

Ideal for on or off-road adventures

The most rewarding thing about teaching your child to ride a bike is that it opens up a whole variety of family trips (why not check out our list of 15 family-friendly cycle routes for ideas). The durable tyres on these bikes grip well on or off road, and the larger bikes in the range have easy to use thumb-shift gears.

These bikes are designed to progress your child’s riding from the day they’re ready to pedal alone.

Buy in confidence

There are currently 5 types of bike in the Wild Bikes range, each with a choice of two colours. The range includes:

Wild 14 (14″ wheels)

Wild Bikes 14 Pink available at GO OutdoorsWild Bikes 14 Blue available at GO Outdoors

Wild 16 (16″ wheels)

Wild Bikes 16 Orange available at GO OutdoorsWild Bikes 16 Teal available at GO Outdoors

Wild 18 (18″ wheels)

Wild Bikes 18 Violet available at GO OutdoorsWild Bikes 18 Yellow/Orange available at GO Outdoors

Wild 20 (20″ wheels)

Wild Bikes 20 Blue/Black available at GO OutdoorsWild Bikes 20 Pink/Silver available at GO Outdoors

Wild 24 (24″ wheels)

Wild Bikes 24 Orange/Black available at GO OutdoorsWild Bikes 24 Silver/Teal available at GO Outdoors

This means that there is a bike available for every step of your child’s development and are ideal for those aged between 3 and 11.

A visit to offers up a sizing guide so you can be confident you’ve chosen the correct bike, as well as step by step build instructions so you can put the bike together at home (Ideal if you’re buying as a Christmas/Birthday present as it’s much easier to hide a box!)