Love Your Planet: Sustainability Tips for Valentine’s Day

February 14th marks one of the most romantic days of the year, Valentine’s Day. There’s plenty of love in the air this time of year for that special someone, whether it be for your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife or maybe it’s that cutie you’ve been crushing on recently. But you know who’s lacking some of that sweet lovin’ on this special day? Our home, planet Earth.

It might surprise you to learn that Valentine’s Day actually has quite the negative impact on the planet and the environment. No matter how cute and romantic your gifts or cards may be, a huge amount of them are thrown away within a matter of days. So, to help you show some love to Planet Earth, we’ve created this guide with a few little tips on how to make your Valentine’s Day more sustainable.

Make Your Own Card from Scratch

Every year, over 20 million cards are sold for valentine’s day just to be thrown away within a matter of days. That’s way too many trees being cut down for a message you could get across just the same, if not better, by saying it out loud. Paper mills also require an extortionate amount of water and energy to operate, not very sustainable if you ask me.

There’s a quick solution to this, why not just cut out the annual last-minute trip to Card Factory and create your own card out of reclaimed paper. Sure, it may not be as pretty or professionally done as a card bought off the shelf, but it allows you to include your own creativity, adding all the flare and glare you want to create the perfect card for your valentine. Think of the effort you’re putting in as well compared to just picking up some alright looking card in a shop. It’s guaranteed to mean 100 times more to them and carry just as much sentiment. You can find some great inspiration for your card online.

Go for a Passionate Stroll

What better way to enjoy each other’s company than to go for a romantic stroll through nature? No distractions, no TV to drag your eye away or tweets to be scrolling through, just you, your significant other and the intimacy of the great outdoors. Taking the time to focus solely on each other and catch up on conversation. It may even rekindle your love for the outdoors and the fragile environment that’s in need of some loving right now.

We are still in the middle of February mind you, so there’s a good chance the temperatures aren’t going to be the most ideal. Why not pick up a fleece or insulated jacket to keep yourself toasty on your walk. You could also get your partner ready for the walk by gifting them a brand new pair of walking footwear, we have an impressive collection of boots and shoes available to choose from.

Cook a Wholesome Meal

Why spend triple figures on a fine-dining experience when you can have an even finer dining experience whilst keeping your carbon footprint to a bare minimum. Everyone makes a big song and dance on Valentine’s Day about going for a nice fancy meal, candlelit dinner, a few glasses of red, sharing a dessert, it’s a lovely sentiment but is it all really necessary? Short answer, not at all.

Cooking a meal from scratch in the comfort of your own kitchen will go a lot further to creating the perfect evening for you and your partner. Anyone can book a table at a restaurant on the high street and splash a bit of cash, but by taking the time and effort to craft something yourself, you’re getting yourself in the good books with the other half and it can all be specially catered to your own taste. There are so many romantic meals you could choose to make, the possibilities are endless, just make sure you do the washing up afterwards.

Alternatively, why not prep a picnic and go for a romantic meal under the stars? Just remember that when you’re grabbing your ingredients, shop local if you can. It turns out that the typical meal actually features ingredients sourced from five different countries. That’s a monster of a carbon footprint. By shopping locally you’re dropping that significantly.

All in all, cooking a meal at home for you and your other half actually has so many more romantic benefits for both you and the planet than you first think. It’s cheaper, it’s more intimate as you’re not sharing the room with a hundred other people, and the dog can be there as well! It’ll also result in a lot less food wastage and no to-go boxes.

Camp Out for the Night

Alternatively, why not spend a night under the stars with a quiet camping trip or if you want to make it extra special, go for a glamping getaway. Glamping is more popular with couples than ever before, perfect for those who want a lovely little camping getaway with the added luxuries. Glamping tents are much bigger than your usual tent, feeling homelier and more spacious with extra rooms to store gear, as well as providing privacy. You won’t have to travel far for the bathroom either as most glamping sites have toilets and showers, something we all take for granted. Check out our piece on some quirky glamping sites across the country here for some inspiration on how to treat yourself and your other half!

There’s just a few tips on how you can be more sustainable this Valentine’s Day. Everyone deserves some love and affection on this romantic holiday, including the planet! If your valentine is an outdoor enthusiast like you are, have a look over on our site or nip in-store to have a look through all the amazing deals we have this Valentine’s Day to find the perfect gift!

Happy Valentine’s Day from everyone at GO Outdoors!