Mountain Biking in Llandegla

A guide to mountain biking in Llandegla 

While it’s only a small village in the Welsh county of Denbighshire, Llandegla is packed full of great mountain bike trails that attract riders from all over the United Kingdom. Just 20 minutes away from the city of Chester, Llandegla offers something for riders of all ages and abilities along with playing host to a number of exhilarating downhill events throughout the year.

Riders have the opportunity to experience the thrill of the Forest with the trails set in beautiful Welsh woodland. With plenty of testing turns, jumps and loose terrain to test you to your limits it’s easy to see why it’s become a haven for adrenaline-seeking mountain bikers over the past ten years.


Before You Arrive

Whether you’re an experienced rider with years’ worth of competition under your belt or a first-timer wondering what the fuss is about you need to be fully prepared when you go mountain biking in Llandegla. For that reason we’ve built a checklist for you to use when packing up and heading off on your trip:

  • Safety Equipment – this can never be underestimated. All riders should go prepared with helmet, knee and elbow pads just in case you come off your bike. With so many exposed roots, tight turns, loose terrain and jumps to negotiate it’s better to be safe than sorry.
  • Puncture Repair Kit – you don’t want your experience brought to an abrupt end because of a puncture, especially in the middle of the forest, so be sure to pack a puncture repair kit so you can get safely back to the trail centre.
  • Waterproof Clothing – as this is Britain you never know what the weather has in store. While you ride in the forest in Llandegla it can still get very wet and muddy so be sure to pack plenty of waterproof clothing in your rucksack – or where it from the off – to stay warm and dry.
  • Mobile Phone – you may not have much of a signal in the forest but you should still be able to contact the emergency services should you need to.
  • GPS Tracker / Map – by fixing a GPS tracker to your handlebars you can navigate your way around the various trails in the Llandegla Forest. Alternatively, if you’re not one for technology, be sure to pack a relatively recent map that you can refer to in order to get back on the trail or to the centre.
  • Nutrition – it’s highly important that you take plenty of food and drink with you no matter how long you’re out riding for. Fluids are of paramount importance while high energy food sources can help to give you an extra boost to tackle the trails late in the day.
  • Protection & Medication – last, but by no means least, don’t forget to take any essential medication that you need to take at certain times of day and protection such as sun cream or sunglasses.


Mountain Bike Trails in Llandegla

Beginner Mountain Bike Trails

Name: The Green Trail
Distance: 5km
Terrain: A relatively flat trail with wide track suitable for families. A great place to learn basic skills on generic mountain bikes.

Download the trail map here
Video courtesy of The Simple Trail


Name: The Blue Trail
Distance: 12km
Terrain: A slightly longer trail for beginners to get their teeth into. Features several flowing, undulating sections with banked corners.

Download the trail map here
Video courtesy of Crick


Advanced Mountain Bike Trails

Name: The Red Trail
Distance: 19km
Terrain: A challenging route with numerous climbs and steep descents. Lined with hazards including rocks and drop offs.

Download the trail map here
Video courtesy of Andrew Burton


Name: The Black Trail
Distance: 21km
Terrain: Experienced riders can expect a challenge on the longest and most hazardous trail in the Forest.  The route is loose and lined with unavoidable features including roots and rocks.

Download the trail map here
Video courtesy of Shaunio23


Expert Mountain Bike Trails

Name: The Extreme Trail – Freeride
Distance: 650 metres
Terrain: Jumps are unavoidable so be sure to test your technical skills prior to setting off. High-end bikes and safety equipment are advised.

Download the trail map here
Video courtesy of Robert Loughlin


Name: The Extreme Trail – Pump
Distance: 120 metres
Terrain: Designed to be ridden without peddling this short downhill section includes large unavoidable features with body armour and full-face helmets advised.

Download the trail map here


Mountain Bike Events in Llandegla in 2017

Having honed your skills on the various trails in Llandegla Forest you may feel ready to enter yourself into an event taking place later this year.

Haibike Mini Enduro Series 2017, Round 4

  • Date: 18th November 2017
  • Closing Date for Entries: 17th November 2017
  • Event Type: Endurance
  • Venue: Coed Llandegla
  • Cost of Entry: £47
  • For more details visit:


Visit More Dirt’s events page to keep abreast of other upcoming mountain bike races and events taking place throughout 2017 & 2018 in Llandegla Forest


Whether you’re entering yourself into one of these great events at Llandegla this year, thinking about participating in 2018 or you just want to get into mountain biking it’s vital that you have the best bike and safety equipment available. Check out the full range of the very latest mountain bikes, clothing and equipment at GO Outdoors today.