5 Tips to Survive Mountain Mayhem

GO Outdoors cycle buyer Mike gives his
tips to survive Mountain Mayhem

In 2015 GO Outdoors sponsors one of our favourite events in the cycling calendar – Mountain Mayhem. This 24 hour mountain biking event isn’t for the faint hearted, but never fear because GO Outdoors cycle buyer and Mountain Mayhem veteran Mike is on hand to offer some advice from experience.

Mountain Mayhem is such a great event, whether you’re doing it as a team or as a lunati (sorry ‘Solo rider’), the atmosphere and team spirit from rider to rider on course is great. However after competing at Mountain Mayhem 5 times I’ve learned not to underestimate it at all; here are my tips for survival and making sure you have a good, but most importantly FUN race.



If you’re after a good time on the bike during the race, try to get a good night’s sleep and eat plenty of good food the night before – it took me several boozy late nights and hung over mornings to figure this one out J. Also do a practice lap as a team, if you have less experienced riders on your team make sure you give them sound (or not, depends on how evil you are) advice on line choice on any tricky section.




You will need to keep your body energised through the race, sport nutrition is designed to do just that and is much easier to eat on the bike than a burger http://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/high5-race-pack-p322564


I think 4 out of the 5 Mountain Mayhem’s I have competed in have been pretty wet, below are products or tips to make your life less miserable than the racers that forgot them:

Unless you are far luckier than me, you will encounter some sort of mechanical issues during the race. The below items won’t take up too much room or weigh too much, but you’ll be so happy you have them at 3am in rain!


My biggest tip though is HAVE FUN, it’s only a race after all