Try a New Outdoor Activity on Pembrokeshire Coast

10 Alternative Activities on Pembrokehsire Coast 

Take a walk on the wild side, and cap off your Pembrokeshire Coast adventure by trying one of these outdoor activities that might be new to you. Here we recommend 10 activities that you can try in the area.



  1. Geocaching Pembrokeshire Coast
    Think back to when you were younger and treasure hunts were the best thing, ever. Well in today’s age when all things are based around technology, geocaching has become the modern day treasure hunt and the best thing is that you get to explore the countryside as you do it. Following a series of instructions and map references you hunt down items that have been hidden away in secret locations for other geocachers to find, and you need to leave one in its place when it has been located. Of course, you have to speak to the National Park authorities before leaving a geocache. You need very little equipment, just the handheld device and some sturdy walking boots!


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  3. Geology Hotspots at Abereiddy Bay
    If you like looking at, learning about and identifying historical artefacts then you’ll love some of the geology hotspots down at Abereiddy Bay. The Pembrokeshire coastline is dotted with all kinds of rock formations, fossils and ancient ruins meaning that there are plenty of things to catch your eye and – who knows – maybe plenty more that remains undiscovered! It is worth remembering that you can’t actually collect any fossils without a permit, so make sure that you put anything you do find back where you found it.


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  5. Rockpooling at West Angle Bay
    We never quite know what lies beneath the surface of the ocean, but rockpooling close to the shore is a great way of finding out, or at least gaining a rough idea! West Angle Bay is a beautiful part of the Pembrokeshire coast and an area where there are all kinds of sea creatures to discover. Rockpooling gives you the chance to segment a particular area so that you can look closely at a number of small fish, plants and other mysterious creatures under the sea!


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  7. Wildlife Watching at Marloes Mere
    If you can excuse the pun, birdwatchers from all over the UK flock to Pembrokeshire all year round to see a range of native and migrating birds that come to the region. There are countless breeding seabirds who come onto the mainland to lay their eggs and plenty of other small and large birds that can be studied from hides dotted around the National Park. In addition to the numerous native birds, puffins often visit the area between April and July each year which is a rare sight for many, with plenty of guillemots and peregrines also popping into the area from time to time. You don’t need the elaborate equipment to go bird watching in the early days, just plenty of patience and some binoculars will suffice.


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  9. Kayaking at Newgale
    If you’ve never tried kayaking before then the waters at Newgale in the Pembrokeshire National Park are a great place to start learning. You can head out onto the water with an experienced instructor who will show you all the basics, and you can then use your paddles to go with the flow or direct yourself along the coastline towards specific vantage points where you can see some spectacular parts of the coast from a different angle. At Newgale there are two tours per week where you can be guided down the coastline so be sure to book on. If you like the water and going along under your own steam you’ll love it.


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  11. Diving at Stackpole Quay
    Diving is a perfect way to learn more about what lies off the coast of Wales, exploring life under the sea and uncovering a variety of fish and marine life you might not normally get chance to see. Off Stackpole Quay there are plenty of rocky gullies where sea life will congregate away from the rough waters making them ideal places to explore. If you’re trying it out for the first time it’s always best to get plenty of training in the shallow water before heading out into the deep, so be sure to book yourself a course where you’ll be provided with the essential safety equipment and briefings.


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  13. Seal and Porpoise Spotting off Ramsey Island
    Home to one of the largest breeding colonies of Atlantic Grey seals in Britain, Ramsey Island is the ideal place to get a glimpse of these majestic and intriguing creatures. Being able to see animals like this in the wild is a real privilege and one that cannot be missed if you’re visiting the Pembrokeshire coast during your stay in the National Park. You can book the whole family onto a specialised boat trip to see seals – and even porpoises if you’re lucky – with boat trips taking place all year round.


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  15. Celtic Quest Coasteering, Abereiddy Bay
    One of the newest and most exhilarating activities to make its way onto the Welsh coast, coasteering is a unique way to explore some of the most beautiful parts of the country – if you’ve got a head for heights and don’t mind getting the adrenaline flowing. You’ll be jumping from cliffs into the water and facing the tough terrain head-on with qualified instructors who know the areas and what lies beneath the water, ensuring that you’re as safe as possible.


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  17. Spa Day at Celtic Haven, Lydstep
    After some exhausting weeks at work, and a few tough days exploring the Pembrokeshire terrain on foot or on a bike you deserve to put your feet up for a bit. Treat yourself to a clifftop spa day at Celtic Haven in Lydstep near Tenby on the south coast. With seven different massage rooms and a range of treatments available you’ll be able to forget about the stresses of daily life and return home revitalised. Booking is advised due to the popularity of the venue so visit the website before you go


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  19. Havard Horse Riding Stables
    If you love horses and you love seeing the countryside then Havard stables make it possible to combine your two passions. With some truly beautiful horses available to go for a short or long ride on you can try riding for the first time in an enclosed paddock before you head out into the countryside for a walk with your instructor. It’s a great activity for the whole family and the perfect way to introduce children to these majestic animals.


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