Pioneer of the week – Greg Lowe, Lowe Alpine

Leading the way…Creating the future

Do you ever wonder where things originate from or who created them? Or how we rely on certain things day by day. What would we do without them?

We take a look at Greg Lowe and how he pioneered the way for the outdoor industry and gave us what we have today.

Greg Lowe

Many creations have been conjured up in a shed over the years, but not many of them will stand the test of time to be innovative and productive ideas.

Greg Lowe was born in Colorado and amongst being known now as a climber, photographer and successful cinematographer, his biggest achievement was as the creator and founder of Lowe Alpine.

Greg established Lowe Alpine from his work shed in Colorado in 1967, an impressive feat we would all like to achieve I’m sure.

It started with the development of a revolutionary back pack, based on an internal frame design. This development allowed for better weight distribution and allowed the pack to sit closely to the wearer, minimising shifting of the load. This became very desirable when participating in upper body activities, allowing for more freedom of movement.

From this he went on to innovate further, with length-adjustable backs, stabilisers, buckles and compression straps. These are now all considered to be industry standards, which were first introduced by Greg.

Today Lowe Alpine stands as an international company for outdoor equipment manufacturing, continuing to innovate and develop and play a key part within the outdoor industry.

Without Greg and his shed, who knows where we would be.

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