A Thank You to the Emergency Services..

It’s business as usual at GO Outdoors thanks to the police. GO Outdoors

The UK has been gripped with the awful scenes and tragic stories surrounding the Riots which started in London but are starting to inspire copycat attacks around the country to other cities such as Birmingham, Manchester, Nottingham, Gloucester and Leicester. The social unrest has turned to looting and many retailers are being hit for high priced goods (There are also pictures of pound shops being looted).  Many customers have messaged us on Facebook and Twitter about our stores in these affected areas with well wishes and for that we thank you.

Our Colindale store on Edgware Road last night closed early due to a warning from the Police that the Colindale Retail Park was being evacuated for staff safety, just in case any trouble was to arise. The influx of Police on the capital last night seemed to calm much of what was going on, The Edgware Road store remains unscathed and has returned to business as usual.

Police on Horseback near our Gloucester store. Thanks to Jane on Facebook for sharing

Our stores in Manchester and Gloucester last night came close to the action with s a few

attempts on Urban Exchange (where our Manchester store is situated) and the road which our Gloucester store backs onto. However we are happy to say Police in these areas went to tireless efforts to keep the areas under control and neither store were damaged and are both open as usual today.

The staff in Manchester store would like to apologise for an early closing yesterday (Tuesday 9th August) but this once again came as a warning from the Police for our staffs safety which is of the utmost importance to us.

We would like to extend a big thank you to the Emergency Services (police, fire services, paramedics) and everyone else who are working endless hours to get this situation under control and we urge you to cooperate with your local police where possible.

Our stores are all open as usual today and our Huge Summer Sale continues. The threat of further anti-social behaviour remains and early store closures could be in effect, we ask our customers to please be understanding if the stores have to close a little earlier than usual.

Stay Safe