Camping Advice for Your Staycation

At GO Outdoors we’ve been helping people to camp with confidence for decades. From packing your car to setting up the tent, we have all the friendly expert advice you need to make the most of your staycation. Let’s take a look at some of the great practical advice available right now on our YouTube channel which we filmed at Callow Top Campsite; plus, some handy tips from our in-house camping experts.

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The first thing you need to do it pack your car. The most important things to think about are the amount of gear you need to take, the size and shape of your car, and safety.

“You want to pack the heavier stuff at the bottom of the car going to the lighter stuff on the top… [and] it’s really important to have visibility out of the back of your car.”

Ian Mackintosh, Product Expert

How to Pitch a Tent

One of the most common things we get asked for is our top tips on pitching and packing down a large tent. The best advice is to do a trial run before you trip so you get to know your tents features. All tents come with instructions and most follow the same simple techniques.

We highly recommend you like, save and share our video on ‘How to Pitch a Family Tent’ and ‘How to Pack Away a Family Tent’ so you have a step-by-step guide, even on the campsite.

An Introduction to Air Tents

Inflatable or Air Tents have taken the camping community by storm. We sell thousands every year to campers who love them for their innovative easy-pitch design and spacious interiors. The traditional pole frame is replaced with tubes which are inflated using the included pump to create a strong structure.

Check out our comprehensive guide to pitching an air tent.

“For those with air tents and awnings, remember not to pump up your tubes as much as you usually would if you’re heading out on a sunny day! Hot weather will cause the air in the tubes to heat up and expand, which can sometimes burst an air tube.”

Dave Addy, Head Camping Buyer

Is My Tent Leaking?

Another common question we get asked about is why is there moisture on the inside of my tent. Often this can be mistaken for your tent leaking. We can say with confidence that tent fabric is absolutely waterproof. The moisture is formed by condensation. Here’s Ian to explain what condensation is and how you can manage it effectively.

Caring for Your Tent

Getting the most use out of your tent (and any outdoor gear for that matter) is easy when you know how. Looking after your tent and keeping it in good condition will mean it will last for years of camping fun. Check out this practical video on how to keep your tent in tip-top condition.

“The rain is something UK campers are used to; but if you have to pack your tent away wet, then make sure you get it out at home to fully dry out. This will ensure you avoid mould and fabric damage.”

Jack Kelly, Content Editor & Camper

We hope these videos give you the confidence to camp comfortably outdoors. Looking for more advice? Why not visit our YouTube Channel or explore some of the topics below:

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About Callow Top Campsite

Callow Top is an award-winning family holiday park set in the Derbyshire countryside, ideal for campers and motorhomes. Within easy reach of Ashbourne, Bakewell, Matlock and Buxton, Callow Top welcomes all including families and pets. Established in 1975, the holiday park offers picturesque views of the surrounding area and has a range of practical facilities to make your stay comfortable. We’d like to thank Callow Top Campsite and their team for letting us use their fantastic campsite to film our expert video guides.