Be prepared this Winter

The Indian Summer could make way for a white Winter

With the Indian Summer hitting us through October it’s easy to become nonchalant about the upcoming cold months. With this being quite mild weather for November, it’s hard to imagine picking up a snow shovel, or ice grips for shoes and seeing any use coming from them any time soon, but as the Scouts say; ‘Be prepared’.


One good thing we’ve noticed this month at GO Outdoors is that many of our customers aren’t allowing themselves to be caught out like many were last year by the impending chance of snow. 2010 brought snowfall the likes of which had not been seen for years, it halted business, it halted deliveries for some retailers and it made picking up winter essentials quite difficult.

This year we have brought in some fantastic winter items a little earlier, to help if the snow does come.


Yak Trax Walker Grips - £13.49

Snow Grips

One of our more popular products of 2010 was the Yaktrax Walker grip. These grips for the bottom of your regular shoes are ideal for snowy/slippy ground and keeping you safe from injury when out and about over the winter. This product proved wildly popular and sold out quickly after the initial snow fall. In 2011 these items are back and many people are picking them up for the first time in a great ‘be prepared’ attitude. This product is rated five stars by our customers and makes an ideal addition to your shoes to help narrow the chance of slipping and hurting yourself.



Snow Shovels

Hi Gear Folding Shovel £6.99

As you may have noticed when driving along the motorway, signs are cropping up saying ‘is your car ready for Winter?’. Along with the essential Winter safety checks on your car, why not keep a folding snow shovel handy? Last year many people had to ditch cars, or couldn’t get cars off of drive ways due to severe snow fall. A handy folding shovel in the boot of your car can help with unexpected snow for your own car or to help out other road users.

Not only small folding shovels, We are also stocking a variety of standard snow shovels for clearing the drive way at home, or the work place car park.





Hi Gear Thermal Baselayer Top £4.99

Our Thermals have always been popular with walkers and skiiers when it comes to this time of year, but more increasingly people are buying thermal underwear for everyday use. With both thermal tops and long johns in stock we’ve got your body covered this winter time. A great baselayer is an essential part of the layering system which could be keeping you warm through the colder months. Layer up and you will be ready for whatever temperature the day throws your way.





Stingray Sledge £12.99

Winter isn’t always about digging cars out of drifts, or doom and gloom, it also brings with it a fantastic opportunity (and excuse) to take the kids sledging. As well as the standard red swordfish sledges you are used to, at GO HQ we were quite excited about our new Stingray sledges which look like a lot of fun. Sledging is great fun, so wrap up warm and head for the hills – just make sure you take part safely!


This is just a brief glimpse of everything in our winter essentials category, we’ll also be stocking de-icer, salt, scrapers, snow boots, hand warmers and a lot more, making this a comfortable winter for all involved.

Don’t leave picking your essentials up till it’s too late, Be prepared!

– Brandon