Proud Mum and Wife – Helen Boot

A Dad and his sons tackle Ben Nevis

My family and i have just returned from a 4 week holiday to scotland. We visited numerous places as we toured around in our caravan. We decided we were going to tackle Ben Nevis, this was going to be interesting with 4 children aged 13, 11, 6 and 1 1/2. we did it anyway.

The older boys had their own rucksacks with food and drinks and my husband had everything else in his rucksack, i had the back carrier for my youngest. we set off about 10.30am. it was a lovely day but getting hotter by the minute. we began the accent. It was hard going as its all loose rock and steps. thank goodness we all had decent walking boots and poles, even my little one walked so far. we stopped for lunch later on, and by this point i couldnt go anymore with my little man on my back, didnt think he was that heavy!!,our 6yr old had done enough too so we decided to go back to the car. My husband and eldest 2 carried on. after another hour our eldest decided he had had enough too and headed back on his own. Was very proud of him for this.

My husband and 11 yr old finally made it to the top, They got back to the car after 8 1/2 hrs of walking, I was the proudest mum and wife that day!!

Helen Boot