The rain likes a cheap tent – Helen Williams

A wet night for Helen and her family

This Summer we went camping to Grange over Sands, never been before and soon found out there was no sand . . a lot of marsh, but never the less great views over Morecambe Bay. So with 3 Dogs (2 boxers & German Shepherd Pup) and 2 Grandchildren we began erecting our tents.

All was fine Sun going down and once the tents were up we were of to the local Inn. Our Outwell 4 man tent went up, easy ! The Cheap 4 man supermarket tent also went up quite easy though did look a little unstable. We just got onto the Pub and heavens opened, but we were nice and warm and dry. Time past and it was time to head back to camp, still raining, it was half a mile walk, with 3 wet dogs & 2 moaning grandchildren, we hoped the rain would stop. Back at the camp our tent was dry and so it seemed was the other.

We dry`d ourselves and dogs best we could . . . then said goodnight, though nobody slept, the pounding of the rain didn’t stop. About 2am the supermarket tent couldn’t take any more, rain just flooded in from the top and under the tent like a constant stream, again wet dog, wet grandchildren, wet sleeping bags and RUBBISH tent. So that night was cosy, in our 4 man tent, ended up 4 adults, 2 grandchildren & 3 (damp) dogs.

We emerged the next morning and the sun was shinning but the supermarket tent lay steaming in a rejected heap. We did stay for 4 more days in of glorious weather, though it was unanimous that tent was going back !!! off to Go Outdoors . . .

Helen Williams