Relieve stress with the outdoors

A five minute walk on your lunch break could lead to great health benefits.

We’re not all lucky enough to work in the greenest areas of the country, many of us are city folk and studies show that people surrounded by inner-city living and working are generally more susceptible to stress and stress related illness.

People have been telling you to get outdoors since you were young, enjoy the sunshine, and in modern times – put down that games controller! Scottish Natural Heritage is currently urging workers in Glasgow to get out of the office on theirĀ  lunch hour, and where possible get yourself into a green area like a park.

Short walks on your lunch hour or even a seat under a tree with your sandwich can help calm your stress levels and recharge the energy you’ve exerted during the morning. Don’t take our word for it, it’s Science.

Parents that enjoy the outdoors are more likely to encourage their children to do the same, family walks, bike rides, or camping trips are a great break from the TV and we’ve heard from our own customers that it’s an ideal bonding experience. Recent research from Natural England provided shocking statistics about how less than a quarter of UK Children visit natural spaces on a weekly basis. Could there be a link between the rise in children becoming stressed with school work and the fall in Children playing outside? Possibly.

So this lunch time, head outside for a while. There’s a lot of research out there that says you will feel all the better for it.