A return to camping – Sandy Antsee

Sandy rediscovers camping after a few decades

I took my first camping trip in years over to the Lakes, we had been to ‘GO Outdoors’ and got all the essentials and more ready to have a really good time. I hadn’t been camping for well over 35 years and could only remember the big white canvas tent we had with guide ropes everywhere to trip over, a bit massive ground sheet over the top of the tent to keep us dry but the rain still seemed to slip in at parts! Those were the days, running to the showers / toilets which seemed like miles away! When we arrived at the site I was very impressed, toilets, showers and even baths were separate and very tastefully equipped, nothing like the ones we had, shop was well equipped and the ground to pitch the tents were all individually marked out, I though this looks great!

Got all sorted, pitched the tent quite easily and started the cooker and it was like home from home, we had a brilliant time apart from a few gale force winds when we were taking the tent down so that was pretty scary trying to keep it from taking off with us holding it!! I would definitely go again weather prevailing!

I would recommend camping to anyone and if you’ve not done it for a while like I hadn’t then it’s like a new experience! Great fun!

Sandy Antsee