Be Safe, Be Seen

Stay safe with darker nights drawing in

Happy Halloween to all! I always find that no matter how much warning I get that waking up the day after the clocks go back an hour always throws at least the first hour or so of my day right off. You spend time wondering which clocks you own are smart enough to change the time on their own and which can’t. Getting that extra hour in bed on Sunday means that through the late Autumn and Winter months we get an hour less daylight.

It’s around this time of year that search and rescue operations like Mountain Rescue find that more and more people struggle to gage what time the sun will set when out and about, this is generally down to being under prepared before heading out. In this blog we’ll throw out some links to great safety items for walking, cycling or even just to have in your car, just incase on these darker, colder nights.

A priority over the next few months should be ‘being seen’ and ‘staying warm’, GO Outdoors stocks the kit for both.

Lighting – Walkers/Runners
For walkers, a torch or head torch in the rucksack is a great addition to your survival kit just in case that return journey takes a little longer than you first expected. News stories are already floating around over walkers lost in the dark as they fail to take the torch warning seriously. A torch and back up batteries will not only help light your way but can be used to attract attention should you need to be rescued.

With popular outdoor garments now quite dark in colour, it is always wise to take some reflective gear with you to aid rescuers in finding you. These are basic survival tips should your own sense of direction or even your GPS fail you as nightfall comes in rather quickly.

Investing in a torch or head torch isn’t you ideal for walkers though, these are great items to have in your car just in case of winter break downs, or if deep snow prevents you from going any further. Being seen will keep you safe when walking along the side of dark roads. This is a great addition to those winter essentials like a snow shovel, de-icer etc which you should be thinking of picking up around this time of year ahead of the inevitable cold snap Britain will be going through over the next few months.

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Lighting – Cyclists
With more and more Brits taking to the roads on their bikes this year, it is especially important that those new to the hobby take note of winter precautions for your bike. Make sure you pick up a reliable pair of bright cycle lights to make it easier for car drivers to see you and give you the space you need as they drive by.

As well as cycle lights, another important pick up is reflective clothing. At GO Outdoors we stock a variety of reflective pieces from full jackets to bands and rucksack covers. These items will help to keep you visible to road users and help combat the tempting use of dark clothing.

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Help rescue teams this Winter by being as prepared as you can before heading outdoors. If you need any more advice, pop into our stores and speak with store staff about the best ways to be seen on the hills or on the roads this season.

– Brandon