Save our Scouts with Race Round The World

It’s safe to say 2020’s been a tough year for everyone, and charities are no exception. The Scouts rely on volunteers, funding and fundraising to continue to give young people fun, friendship and skills for life. To help secure the movement’s future in the aftermath of the pandemic, and to keep essential services running, the Scouts have had to reduce their staff team by 30% and sell properties.

However, Scouts are always happy to roll up their sleeves – especially in hard times. That’s why they’ve also launched a major national fundraising campaign to save 500 groups that are hardest hit and in danger of closing, many of which are in deprived areas. With recurring national lockdowns, all sections have struggled to raise money to support their groups in the usual way. That’s where Race Round The World comes in.

Race Round The World Badge and More Information

What is Race Round The World?

Race Round The World is a national fundraising campaign, and anyone can get involved! Join one of four teams; Beavers, Cubs, Scouts or EN+ (Explorer and Network members and their leaders) to complete a distance of 43,000 miles per team. Of course, one person can’t do it alone, that’s why the Scouts are asking all members to come together to compete in a Race Round The World!

Each team is led by two celebrity Scout Ambassadors – some of whom you may recognise. Watch their video for some extra motivation!

How do I join in?

The great thing about Race Round The World is that it’s super easy to take part. Whether you’re a member of the Scouts or not.

Simply pick your team, get sponsored and get travelling. You can do your mile anyway you like – hike, cycle or even kayak, as long as it’s a mile or more! Plan your route, and simply log your miles on The Scouts Race Round The World hub, where you can also follow your team’s progress. If you’ve raised some money, you can donate there too.

If you can’t get outside to walk, or just want to help from home, the Scouts have put together some great alternatives to fundraise – check them out here.

It really is as simple as that! Now what are you waiting for? Lace up your walking boots, get the bike out of the shed, get hold of a world map and help to save our Scouts! You’ve got until the 11th December to take part and get your miles in. Even if you can’t take part in the race itself, a donation will make a huge difference. Please help keep Scout Groups open for generations to come.

To find more resources and how to use your discount, visit our Scout hub.