#ScrapbookOutdoors Week 24: My Camping Setup

Our favourite photos from #ScrapbookOutdoors Week 24

June is ‘Camping Month’ and we asked to see your camping setups. We had a fantastic response from you all with setups from basic, to small villages. Camping really is for everyone, whatever your hobby. Check out some of our favourite photos here:

Instagram: @desertinmymouth - When the campsite lady senses you're antisocial people and tells you about a hidden pitch by the river side. Nothing but midges for company. Perfect place to rest our sleepy heads after running from Glossop to Edale via Kinder. #camping #trailrunning #scrapbookoutdoors

Instagram: @kirstie171717 - "My camping setup" #scrapbookoutdoors

Facebook: Sophie Williams

Facebook: Dora Kan

Facebook: Bobby Wilson

Facebook: Daryl Clarkson - Huuuuuge tent for a huuuge family - from GoOutdoors! We love it!

Facebook: Adam Tennant

Facebook: Karen Bannister

Facebook: Lucy Deas

Facebook: Gregor Stenhouse

Facebook: Philip Haddock - My set up #scrabookoutdoors

Facebook: Joanne Shoemith - Love my tent and camping

Facebook: Paula Fraser - My recent trip to Luskentyre, Harris.

Facebook: Gill Orme

Facebook: Adrian Collington - My wild camping set up

Facebook: Jason Graham Hewer-Barnett - My set up at our favourite campsite

Facebook: Pete Orme - Our camping set up, with best friends and identical tents

Facebook: Ben Seeger - The only way to do it

Facebook: Jason Alexander - A tent, camp fire and great company. What more do you need!?

Facebook: Reece Robinson

Facebook: Sam Morgan - Comfy as it was a 8 night stay

Facebook: Kevin Deary

Facebook: Wesley Orvis

Twitter: @jimmy_lawson9 - #ScrapbookOutdoors

Twitter: @fenwanderer - #ScrapbookOutdoors here is my set up Vango Omege 350 tent. Trangia 25. Tarp for different conditions.

Twitter: @TrailTrials - #ScrapbookOutdoors #CampingMonth @GOoutdoors



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