#ScrapbookOutdoors Week 42: Fire & Fireworks

Our favourite photos from this week’s #scrapbookoutdoors theme

As November  is upon us, there was only one these we could choose for this week. Fire & Fireworks. It’s great to see that so many of you wrapped up warm over the weekend and went out to enjoy Bonfire night, or enjoy a campfire of your own. Here are our favourite photos of the week:

Instagram: @mr_g_adventures - #northwales #flint #flintshire #visitflint #fireworks #scrapbookoutdoors

Instagram: @ktrott88 - Fireworks!!

Instagram: @thomas_haslam_photography - Went out to capture the fireworks at Beeston Marina tonight. My first attempt at photographing fireworks and I'm quite happy with the result! #fireworks #longexposure #photography #beestonmarina #scrapbookoutdoors

Instagram: @ Unlike Comment Save 15 likes when_four_go_camping - Time for hot chocolate and marshmallows!

Instagram: @sophsbaz - Kasey's Sparkler heart . #bonfirenight #fireworks #sparklers #heart

Instagram: @jakeoutdoors1 - Fire at camp whilst we had a week off, we had a good core going and built the fire big to get warm and let it die down to great scorching embers for a brew #ScrapbookOutdoors#BushcraftCamp#Fire

Instagram: @abdulmukith - @towerhamletsnow #2017 #fireworkshow #victoriapark

Instagram: @8theastlondon - Best part of the camp is the campfire . . . A #selection of #photos from our #wintercamp at #chigwellrowcampsite .

Instagram: @sandselbizet2 - Fireworks. #scrapbookoutdoors

Facebook: Phil Loudon

Facebook: Lydia Bowden


Facebook: Nicola Davies - Hemel Hempstead District Scouts team up with Hobbs Hill Wood Primary School and put on a fantastic display every year. This was a couple from last nights efforts (and my favourites) Stay safe everyone x #ScrapbookOutdoors

Facebook: Linda Grocott



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