#ScrapbookOutdoors Week 48: Snow

This week’s theme in our weekly photo challenge 

Seems obvious, doesn’t it? Here at GO HQ in Sheffield, we’ve been jealous seeing all the deep snow around the country and we want to celebrate the winter snow this week with your beautiful snowy photos. So if you’ve been out adventuring over the last week in the snow, or you’ve got some great winter shots then make sure you tag them #ScrapbookOutdoors on all the relevant social platforms to get involved.


What is the #ScrapbookOutdoors photo challenge?

It’s easy to get involved click here for more information, past themes and some of our favourite photos.

Tag photos you feel fit in with that week’s theme using the hashtag #ScrapbookOutdoors on Instagram and Twitter, or upload them directly onto our Facebook wall.

If your account is private, we won’t be able to see your photos unfortunately. We spotlight photos daily on Twitter and Instagram, and collect all of our favourites in our weekly recap every Wednesday.

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