#ScrapbookOutdoors Week 5: Stories

A recap of our favourite photos from #ScrapbookOutdoors Week 5

For #NationalStoryTellingWeek, we sent you all out on a hunt for history, myths and legends with our theme of ‘Places with a story’. You responded with some weird and wonderful locations, some famous stories and some more personal stories. Here are our favourite photos from week 5.


Instagram: mag1pies - #scrapbookoutdoors in AD122 Hadrian had a wall Northumbria/Cumbria to mark the northernmost part of his empire and to protect attacks from Picts and Scots #history #romanwall #visitnorthumberland

Instagram - ashleigh_torrie: #scrapbookoutdoors recurring date spot for the last 2 years with my handsome man

Instagram: peakyjoe: #alportcastles last #summer

Instagram: melgarside - Some folklore say that King Arthur's sword Excalibur was thrown into this lake Glaslyn beneath Snowdon, after Arthur’s death; and that this was the lake Arthur sailed across to reach the magical lands of Avalon.

Instagram: ipsmith - Told @sinhang26 the story my Dad used to tell me about there being a Puma on the moors, so a few nights later we heading out at night to find it, unfortunately with no luck! .


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