Six Nations of the Outdoors: Ireland

It’s difficult to escape the popularity of the Six Nations rugby tournament at this time of year, but while the teams duke it out on the field, we asked GO Outdoors blog readers to vote for which of the Six Nation countries was the best for the outdoors person. The second of our joint 4th blogs, it’s Ireland!

There’s much more than the craic on the emerald isle

Six Nations of the Outdoors, joint 4th place – Ireland

There’s plenty to see in Ireland outside of the bars, that many tourists visit for. Known as the emerald isle, Ireland is a fantastically green country and one that is well worth your time to explore.

While Ireland may not have the iconic peak that some of the other countries in the six nations have, they certainly do have a lot to offer an outdoor mind, here’s what we found:


1) Kayaking

There are many in Ireland campaigning to get tourists out of their cars and to take in the country in another way. Kayaking and Canoeing are a nice way to take in the beautiful County Kerry from a different angle. Other great kayaking locations include Galway Bay, Killarney and Bantry Bay. If you’ve always wanted to try your hand at kayaking or even take on some rapids, then Ireland is a wonderful place to give it a go.


2) Catch and Cook

We haven’t mentioned much fishing in previous editions of this series, but Ireland’s catch and cook trips are a great way to spend a few days. Organised locally you can head out and catch pollock and mackerel among others and be taught how to fillet and cook them within a short time of them being caught. So whether you’re reeling them in or foraging for mussels, why not try your hand at fishing and look up some catch and cook activities to take part in.


3) Cycling in County Mayo

Ireland in general is a lovely place to cycle, but keep an eye out for specific cycle trails like the disused railway in County Mayo that has opened up as a cycling and walking route. The Great Western Greenway will take you along the Atlantic coastline with attractions such as beaches, museums, small towns and more along the way. There are also 4 adventure centres in the vicinity of the trail.


4) Walking in Ireland

One thing all six of these nations have in common is the quality of walking available. Eeach country has something different to offer and Ireland is no exception. Over at you can find plenty of walking trails on offer, including 43 national waymarked trails. It’s good to slow down and really take in the Irish country side and discover why it’s known as the emerald isle.


5) Activity Centres

Across both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland there are plenty of activity centres to check out. These range in activity and can include any and all of the following: climbing, coasteering, hang-gliding, cycling, fishing, clay pigeon shooting, bush craft and more. These centres are a great way to take part in outdoor activity that you may not be able to find equipment to take part in by yourself. They also give you enough of an introduction to the activity that you may just have found a new hobby.

If you’re heading to Ireland for a Guinness, make sure you earn that first one by taking on one of these challenges first.

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