Which Six Nations country is best for the outdoors?

You’re pretty good at rugby – but what are your outdoor pursuits like?

We asked you to help us rank the six nations countries to find which had the most to offer somebody who was interested in the outdoors. You voted, and here are the results:


There’s been a lot of excitement around the Six Nations rugby tournament over the last few two months, with the teams battling it out on the field for rugby superiority. These six nations don’t only share rugby in common though, they’re all fantastic outdoor countries and so we took to Facebook/Twitter/Google+ to ask GO Outdoors customers which of these countries was the very best for the outdoor minded person.

The votes are in and here are the results. Click through on each country for our top 5 activities/places of interest for each place.

6th Place (Wooden spoon) – Italy
It looks like their rugby form might equal that of their votes in this poll, but we don’t think Italy has been given the credit it deserves.

= 4th Place France
Great mountains, fantastic ski and a whole lot more – oh and they get a little more sun than we do.

= 4th Place Ireland
We take a look at what Ireland has to offer outside of the usual craic.

3rd Place England
With 10 of the UK’s 15 National Parks, it’s not difficult to find green space in England.

2nd Place Wales
One of only 5 international dark sky reserves in the world, the UK’s busiest mountain, the UK’s first area of outstanding natural beauty and the only country in the UK that you can walk all the way around the coast of.

Six Nations of the Outdoors champions – Scotland
While it may be a while since Scotland topped the rugby stakes, they’re certainly heavyweights in terms of the outdoors, with more mountains over 600m than any other country in the British Isles.

So there we have the definitive list, if your favourite didn’t make the top spot, then you didn’t get enough people to vote! In all seriousness, through 2014 we’re trying to get as many people to try something new in the outdoors with our #15before15 campaign – so if you haven’t tried one of these countries, why not give it a go. There’s plenty on offer and it’s all relatively close to home.

Thank you to everyone who took part and voted in the poll.