Skiing Gear Guide

Are you off on a skiing adventure, or planning your next one? If you’re hitting the slopes, you need to check you have everything you need – you may be missing some crucial gear! That’s why here at Go Outdoors we’ve got you covered. Take a look at this guide to ensure you’re prepared for your next skiing adventure.

Whether you’re skiing, snowboarding, or simply watching from the comfort of your ski lodge with a hot chocolate in hand, we’ve got some great products from our skiwear range, including jackets, salopettes, goggles and more.

Ski Jackets

We have a huge range of stylish ski jackets, packed with insulation to keep you warm in blistering conditions. They have features such as a faux fur hoods to add an element of comfort and style, paired with technical features such as ski lift pass pockets and snow skirts. Having a quality ski jacket will certainly enhance your ski experience and have you prepared for those cold days out on the slopes!


Are you on the hunt for some stylish ski goggles with outstanding technologies, from a reputable brand? Ski goggles are vital whilst out on the slopes to protect your eyes from the elements and prevent injury. We have goggles from top brands including Oakley, Sinner and The Edge. All of our ski goggles are equipped with excellent features such as prizm lenses for HD quality and UV protection from the sun.

Salopettes and Ski Pants

Salopettes or ski pants are another key component to your skiing wardrobe, due to their ability to keep you dry and comfortable all day long. Unlike standard waterproof trousers, most salopettes or ski pants feature snow gaiters (fabric guards fixed at the bottom of the trousers near the leg openings), intended to prevent snow from entering into any gaps in your gear. And if you want your ski pants to keep you warm too, then choosing a pair which are insulated is also beneficial.


Baselayers are an extremely important part of layering and are key for keeping you warm on the slopes. A quality thermal or breathable baselayer will help you to stay warm in the cold, whilst allowing you to breathe, improving your performance and ensuring you’re comfortable at all times. You can get bottom baselayers and top baselayers, so whether you’re wearing them underneath your ski pants or beneath your fleeces and jackets, or both, they’re sure to retain that heat and keep you warm all day long!


Most, if not all, ski resorts will offer helmets for you to hire along with your skis and poles. But if you don’t want to hire one and would rather have your own, then we have a selection of helmets to choose from. Ski helmets are important for preventing serious injury in case of a fall.

Ski Socks

A pair of thick, insulated socks are needed when skiing. When temperatures get cold outside, keeping those toes toasty is important. Plus, a decent pair of ski socks will provide moisture-wicking technologies, allowing sweat to escape, to avoid clamminess which may result in skin irritation and discomfort.

Gloves and Mitts

Keeping your hands warm whilst out in the snow is a great way to regulate your body temperature, so ski gloves and mitts are important for every trip. With waterproof protection and great insulation, our range of ski gloves will keep the snow and cold out, so you can focus more on skiing and less on being cold.

Hats / Neck Warmers

Neck warmers are a great idea for keeping you warm when you’re out skiing. Plus, many of our neck warmers are versatile and can be worn as headbands, hairbands, balaclavas and more! When après ski approaches and you don’t have your helmet on, a beanie or bobble hat is a great idea for maintaining warmth! From beanies, to bobble hats, to balaclavas and neck buffs, we have a huge range of hats and headwear to choose from.

Check out our full skiing range here at Go Outdoors! We hope you find everything you need and enjoy your skiing adventures!