Staff Choices: Camping Equipment Top 5 2013

Which gear would our staff choose from the upcoming season?

In this series, we’re darting around head office picking up tips on what our staff’s favourite 5 products are in a variety of categories. This week we take a look at some added extras to take while camping.

Top 5 Camping Equipment pieces from Jeff – Camping Buyer.

How much, or how little gear you take camping with you is entirely up to you. Some campers like to go minimalist and really take on the wild camping experience, while some like to make their tent a home away from home.

It’s Jeff’s job to hunt out the products that campers want, buried underneath a pile of catalogues of wild and wacky gadgets, through to basic pots, pans and more. So we pulled him aside and asked him, which 5 products was he excited about for early 2013?

1) Grower’s Cup Coffee (4 different coffees in the range)

Jeff says: “Ideal solution for when you just want a decent cup of coffee whilst miles from the nearest Starbucks! Lightweight, easy to use – just add water. Makes up to .5l of top quality coffee. Fairtrade Certified”

Retail Price: £2.00
Discount Card Price: £1.79


2) Guyot Microbites 5-in-1 Utensil Set

Jeff Says: “A neatly designed  5 in 1 utensil set ideal for all culinary requirements whilst out camping – these are actually carbon negative, not just carbon neutral – no greenhouse gases were harmed in the making of them! A brilliant addition to any camping kit.”

Retail Price: £4.00
Discount Card Price: £3.60
3) JetBoil CrunchIt Butane Canister Recycling Tool

Jeff says: “A handy little tool that lets you safely recycle any empty threaded butane canisters. Saves on landfill waste and gives you a good feeling knowing you’ve done your bit to help save the planet!”

Retail Price: £6.50
Discount Card Price: £5.85
4) Quest Can Caddy

Jeff says: “As the name suggests a gadget for holding cans, or stubbies or bottles meaning that you’ll never spill another drop again. Just stick it into the ground and away you go. Please drink responsibly!”

Retail Price: £4.00
Discount Card Price: £2.49
Item coming soon!
5) GSI Pinnacle Camper Cooking/Dining Set

Jeff says: “The daddy of cooksets! Suitable for up to 4 people, but the kit can be paired down if required. Teflon coated pans with radiance technology and a unique scratch resistant surface, the plates and bowls and cups fit neatly inside and the carry bag doubles up as a sink! Not the cheapest set out there, but well worth the investment as you’ll never need another cookset again. Available exclusively in the UK only at GO Outdoors.”

Retail Price: £140
Discount Card Price: £126
Item coming soon!


There’s Jeff’s favourite 5, and there’s plenty of other new gear in our range of Camping Equipment, so why not check it out for yourself and see which of our new camping comforts you’ll be taking with you this Summer.

Browse our Camping Equipment range here.

In the meantime: Whether you’re a wild camper or a cosy camper – what’s your favourite camping gadget?

Leave us a comment in the section below.