Staff Choices: Top 5 Packs 2013

Which gear would our staff choose from the upcoming season?

In this series, we’ll be asking our head office staff to tell us what their favourite 5 products are in specific categories, so you can really get an idea over what we’re excited about this season.

Top 5 Packs from Dan and Joe – Web Content Writers.

Getting the right pack (This can include day packs, rucksacks, hydration packs etc) is just as important as getting the right boots, a rucksack is something some people take for granted, but fitted correctly it can improve the comfort of your trek no end. Dan and Joe work alongside our buying team to collect the product information on the GO Outdoors web site. So we took a moment to ask them which 5 packs looked great from the Spring/Summer range.

1) Deuter Guide 35+ Day Pack

Dan says: “Deuter make a fantastic pack, the guide is a popular part of their range because it’s tough, its light weight and adaptable. The Guide can be adapted for alpine use, it has all the gear loops and straps you could need. The fact the pack is quite streamlined is also a big plus point, it makes it feel far less cumbersome than some of it’s rivals.”

Retail Price: £120
Discount Card Price: £108
2) Berghaus Bladdered Daypack

Dan says: “Despite the fact the name might raise a bit of a smirk, the Bladdered is a pretty hard working little day pack. This one is exclusive to us, so it’s even easier to get a excited about it. What you’re basically getting is an 8 litre pack with a 2 litre hydration bladder included. It’s a great option for short day trips. ”

Retail Price: £65
Discount Card Price: £58.50
3) Lowe Alpine AirZone Trek 45:55 Rucksack

Joe says: “Lowe Alpine’s name speaks for itself when it comes to packs, they’re popular for a good reason – they know what they’re doing. It’s a very adjustable Rucksack, which generally means it can be tailored to your fit and comfort. It would make a pretty solid pack for weekends away. If you can get to one of our stores, ask one of the staff to fit one, you’ll see what I mean. ”

Retail Price: £125
Discount Card Price: £112.50
4) Lightwave Fastpack 40 Rucksack

Joe says: “One of the things we get asked a lot is; ‘Are there any waterproof rucksacks?’, the answer is predominantly no, most brands don’t make an entirely waterproof option. The Lightwave Fastpack’s do offer fantastic water resistance though, with welded or taped seams. It’s a good, solid, lightweight rucksack that will keep your gear drier than most.”

Retail Price: £115
Discount Card Price: £103.50
5) Montane Grand Tour 55 Rucksack

Dan Says: “Montane seem to have really stepped up their game with the gear they have been producing over the last few years. The Grand Tour is a terrifically light weight pack that has specifically been designed with the long distance traveller in mind. So if you are planning a gap year, check out the fit on the Grand Tour. ”

Retail Price: £120
Discount Card Price: £108


So there you have it, our content guys’ favourite 5 packs of the upcoming season. Please bear in mind this is an opinion blog, we do recommend you come along to our stores and have a word with our Packs staff and make sure you get the right pack, with the right fit for whatever travels you have planned.

Why not browse our full range of Daypacks and Rucksacks.

In the meantime: What has been your most trusted rucksack that you’ve owned? Let us know in the comments below.