Staff Choices: Top 5 Running

Which gear would our staff choose from the upcoming season?

In the next instalment of our ‘favourite 5’ series, we take a look into the world of running. Whether you run for fun, for fitness, or for sport,  running is one of the best exercises you can do, and one especially close to my heart.

Top 5 Running – Brandon, Social Media

It’s been a tumultuous week surrounding running – with the tragic events at the Boston Marathon, many wondered if this weekend’s London Marathon would even take place at all, but the event is set to go ahead as usual. I’d like to wish the best of luck to all those running this weekend’s marathon, and the best of luck to all those recovering from the events in Boston.

I started running to improve my fitness, to lose weight and to give myself something a little extra than the gym. Not being a natural athlete, I was obviously dubious about running, the talk of distances like 5km and 10km seemed untouchable, let alone a marathon. I know this is something that puts a lot of people off, but I highly recommend downloading an app to rack your runs – I found this to be a great way to spur you on, and try to beat your personal achievements. I now run 10km quite regularly. Take your time, find a pair of trainers that work for you – and get out there.   You won’t regret it.

Here are my Top 5 new products for 2013


1) Merrell Barefoot Run Bare Access 2 Running Shoes

Brandon says: “I’m a fan of a lighter running shoe, personally. Cushion is great, and it works for a lot of people, but I like the barefoot feel you can get from a pair of shoes such as this or a Nike Flex. The Access 2 probably aren’t ideal for beginners, because running in the barefoot style can take a while to get used to. For a fast, lightweight shoe, I would highly recommend trying a pair of these on.”

Retail Price: £75
Discount Card Price: £65
Women’s version also available


2) Salomon XR Shift Mens Trail Running Shoes

Brandon says: “What a great looking shoe, right? I love the colours on the XR shift, Salomon offer a wealth of experience in the trail shoe market, and this pair is no different. Lightweight with Salmon’s contragrip sole, make this a great shoe for off road running, at a great price.”

Retail Price: £80
Discount Card Price: £70
Women’s version also available


3) Under Armour UA Tech SS Tshirt

Brandon says: “Under Armour comes as an online exclusive for GO Outdoors this year. I picked up this tee for running and the gym, without having tried anything by UA before. I have to say, the tshirt performs very well, it stretches with you, but never quite loses its shape. One of the better aspects of these shirts are their wicking properties –  they handle sweat very well,  which is important for those upcoming summer months (if summer ever arrives!).”

Retail Price: £15
Discount Card Price: £13.50
Women’s version also available


4) Ultimate Performance Glastonbury Arm Band Phone/Mp3 carrier

Brandon says: “I mentioned at the top about downloading a running app such as Nike+, Runkeeper or Endomondo. Keeping track of my runs is one of the main things that keeps me going back out there, being able to smash previous times and distances is a huge motivator for me. If you are the same, then you need an arm band to hold your phone, don’t leave it in your pocket to bounce around while you run. The band also works well if your MP3 player doesn’t have a clip. The mesh pocket is also ideal for your keys.”

Retail Price: £12.99
Discount Card Price: £11.49


5) Asics Fel Contend Running Shoes

Brandon says: “Asics are a real favourite among runners, they have styles that can take you from beginner to pro. I started running in a pair of Asics a few years ago, so I have included the Gel Contend as my favourite for somebody who was looking to start running in 2013. The gel cushioning offers great support on impact. A great choice for road running, or use in the gym.”

Retail Price: £55
Discount Card Price: £49.50
Women’s version also available


These are just a selection of my own personal favourites, there is plenty to choose from in the running gear section of our website. If you are new to Running, why not pop into one of our stores for a free Gait Analysis test? This will enable our staff to recommend the correct kind of shoe for you running style, that will offer your ankles and feet the maximum support possible.

For information on which of our stores feature gait analysis machines, please visit our store pages:


Question: What are the best running shoes you have ever owned? Everybody has a favourite.

Leave us a comment below; also let us know if you are running any races in 2013.