Staff Choices: Top 5 Sleeping Bags 2013

Which gear would our staff choose from the upcoming season?

In this series, we’ll be asking members of our head office staff to pick their top 5 products in specific categories for the upcoming season, to help you guys get a sense of what we’re really excited about hitting the shelves.

Top 5 Sleeping Bags by Nick – Camping Buyer

We know a lot of our customers are fans of camping, so we’re always on the lookout to bring you the best quality sleeping bags for a variety of uses and at a variety of prices. It’s Nick’s job to pick and buy our Sleeping and Tent ranges, so we thought we’d ask him which his favourite Sleeping Bags were for Spring/Summer 2013.

1) Vango Starlight Cocoon 250 Sleeping Bag

Nick says: “The Cocoon range is something new from Vango that we are pretty excited about. The design is wider than a normal bag which makes it ideal for those who feel quite restricted in a normal sleeping bag. The Cocoon will allow you to move position for the best night’s sleep possible.”

Retail Price: £35
Discount Card Price: £29.99


2) Coleman Big Basin Sleeping Bag

Nick says: “Much like the Cocoon, the Big Basin is a wider set sleeping bag, but it’s also long enough to fit someone up to 6’6. We often get asked by customers for longer sleeping bags to accommodate a taller person, this is the one for you. A great choice for those who like to move around in their sleep.”

Retail Price: £59.99
Discount Card Price: £49.99


3) Hi Gear Summit 250 Sleeping Bag

Nick says: “Lovely fabrics and a good price for a technical looking, warm sleeping bag.”

Retail Price: £50
Discount Card Price: £39.99

4) Vango Aurora Double Sleeping Bag

Nick says: “Another great feeling bag with room for two. The design and comfort of this will no doubt make it a popular choice this Summer. Double Sleeping Bags may not be for everyone, but those who have tried them rarely go back to two singles. ”

Retail Price: £95
Discount Card Price: £79.99


5) Outwell Cedar 1800 Sleeping Bag

Nick says: “Soft feel with an old school look. The Cedar 1800 is a new classic with enough room to accommodate how you sleep. It’s one of those sleeping bags that even looks comfortable, so much so the Cedar can be unzipped into a great blanket.”

Retail Price: £35
Discount Card Price: £29.99


That’s all for this post, we’ll back soon with another look into our new range.

In the meantime: What is the best Sleeping Bag you’ve ever owned?

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