Staff Picks: Top 5 Camping Accessories

With summer fast approaching and a whole new range for customers to browse in our stores and on site, we’ve been asking staff around GO HQ and in our stores to give some of their top 5 products in certain areas, just to give you an idea of what to keep an eye on in 2014. For this blog we caught up with Jeff, avid family camper and our outdoor living buyer here at GO Outdoors HQ.

Top 5 Camping Accessories by Jeff, Outdoor Living buyer.

It’s Jeff’s job to look out all those little add ones for your camping or caravanning trips including furniture, lighting, and other accessories. So here’s a little taste of our outdoor living department:


1) Hi Gear Vegas XL Chair

Jeff says: “The Vegas XL isn’t your standard camping chair, it’s oversized like a moon chair but with the form of a bucket chair. The chair is rated take up to 130kg of weight, so should be fine for most customers. The Vegas is padded for extra comfort, don’t believe me on how comfy these chairs are; take a look at how comfortable Holly looked on one of our recent video shoots.”

Retail Price: £40
Discount Card Price: £29.99


2) GO Outdoors GO Lounger

Jeff says: “Recliners are always popular in our stores during the summer months, some customers have found them to be a little out of their price range, so we brought in the GO lounger to offer the same level of comfort for a lower cost. It’s comfortable, easy to use and rated to take up to 110kg.”

Retail Price: £60
Discount Card Price: £49.99


3) Campingaz Xcelerate™ 400ST Double Burner Stove and Toaster

Jeff says: “Campingaz have long been a customer favourite when it comes to camping stoves, so it’s always exciting when a new product comes along. This stove makes use of the brands innovative Xccellerate burners, which deliver more power, are more efficient, with less fuel consumption. This particular stove features two Xcellerate Burners and an under-grill infared toaster. Ideal for family camping holidays.”

Retail Price: £100
Discount Card Price: £89.99


4) Weber Go Anywhere Barbecue

Jeff says: “A smaller travel barbecue from one of the biggest names in the game. The Go anywhere barbecue is compact, easy to transport and runs from charcoal, so ideal for your camping holidays. The whole barbecue is weather-proof and rust-resistant so it should stand the test of time. ”

Retail Price: £79.99
Discount Card Price: £69.99


5) Quest Table Clip and Holder

Jeff says: “There never fails to be new innovative gadgets in the outdoor living sector, and this simple yet clever piece is no exception. The clip will hold down a tablecloth and hold a drink. Simply clip it to the edge of a table (or chair) and it can hold your cups, glasses, cans or bottles.”

Retail Price: £3
Discount Card Price: £2.70