Staff Picks: Top 5 Tents 2014

GO Outdoors staff give you a run down of their personal top 5’s

With such a large range on offer, and so many brands to choose from, it can be quite daunting selecting your gear. To give you a little more insight, we’ve asked members of staff at GO Outdoors HQ – and from around our stores – to suggest their top 5 products in certain areas for the Summer 2014 season.

Top 5 Tents by Nick, Tent buyer.

Nick works with tents all year round, while we’re all looking into insulated jackets and keeping dry in winter, he’s already thinking of next summer’s tent ranges. In 2014, we have more new tents in our stores than ever before, and we managed to get a word with Nick on which tents he personally likes from the whole range.

1) Hi Gear Airgo Cirrus 6 Inflatable Tent

Nick says: “The Airgo range from Hi Gear is brand new for 2014, and we’re quite excited about it. The Cirrus is the 6 berth variant, and its best feature is the fact that this is a family tent that can sleep 6 and will be pitched in 60 seconds. Simply roll out the tent, use the pump provided (the Airgo tents have one inflation point), then peg out the guy lines and corners. For anybody who isn’t sure about inflatable tents, I’d recommend visiting one of our stores that have these pitched to check them out, they may just change your mind.”

Retail Price: £800
Discount Card Price: £699.99


2) Outwell Montana 6P Family Tent

Nick says: “What can you say about the Montana 6 that hasn’t been said before? It’s Outwell’s most iconic tent, a sturdy steel framed tunnel tent that sleeps 6. Year after year we have new customers coming and asking about the Montana, and those who buy it consistently rate it highly. For 2014 we’re happy to announce that the Montana 6P is EXCLUSIVE to GO Outdoors.”

Retail Price: £800
Discount Card Price: £649.99


3) Hi Gear Oasis 6 Premium Family Tent

Nick says: “The premium range is another new addition from Hi Gear. The Oasis 6 has steel poles, making it a very sturdy tent in windy weather (the tent has a hydrostatic head of 6000, making it one of the most water resistant that we sell). The living area of the Oasis also has panoramic windows, which offer fantastic light and great views. ”

Retail Price: £625
Discount Card Price: £549.99


4) Vango Icarus 500 Family Tent

Nick says: “Another icon in the camping world, the Icarus 500 has been Vango’s most popular family tent for the last few years. A 5 berth tent, so a great option for 4 people with space to spare. This fibreglass poled tent is EXCLUSIVE to GO Outdoors in 2014. For those who want something a little extra, the Icarus 500 is also now available in Airbeam variety.”

Retail Price: £300
Discount Card Price: £239.99


5) Hi Gear Aura 3 Tent

Nick says: “Brand new to the Hi Gear range, the Aura 3 is a tent ideal for couples (or two campers) that offers a little more space than a standard tent of this berth. A larger porch and taller bedroom make this an ideal tent for a weekend away.”

Retail Price: £220
Discount Card Price: £174.99


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Please note: These choices are personal preference, different tents may be more suitable for different activities. If you’re unsure, just ask.