Staying Safe Out On The Hills

Accidents happen to the most cautious walkers- so what can you pack to stay safe?

If you’re off to the hill or the cliff tops this weekend for a spot of walking or climbing , don’t forget to check your gear and go steady, especially on slippery rocks after the recent rainfall across most of the UK.

Just this week a walker who was scrambling in Lanarkshire had to be rescued after a fall. The Cockermouth Mountain Rescue, managed to rescue him, using 21 volunteers.

You can read our blog with Daniel Park, who received an MBE for his work with Cockermouth Mountain Rescue here, where he discusses what to take before you head to the hills.

If you just want to know what’s an essential for your pack, then read on.

  • Don’t forget to take sturdy waterproof walking boots and your first aid kit for small accidents, as well as the right gear if you intend to climb.
  • There are some other items you should always have packed and ready for your adventures. An emergency blanket, a whistle, as well as more food and fluids than you think you will need to use for energy in an emergency will all keep you happy and warm. Kendal Mint cake is perfect for the job!
  • Don’t forget a water bladder or bottle, however short your journey is intended to be.
  • A map and a compass also come in handy – even if you have a GPS, be prepared for it to fail.
  • Even if you leave at midday, a torch in the dark will be much appreciated if you get lost and end up out at night.  A head torch with flashing features that can be used to alert a rescue team to your presence is ideal for walkers, so you can use your hands to navigate rocks.
  • A Swiss army knife, some rope and gaffer tape can also get you out of sticky situations. And don’t forget a pair of gloves or a hat to trap in body heat to your extremities.  Just stash them in your pack, just in case.
  • A waterproof jacket or packable mac is also a great idea. You could also easily store a waterproof suit in any sizeable rucksack.
  • If you aren’t sure what to do, try your best to conserve energy and to wait for rescue rather than risk a move you aren’t sure about.
  • Keep a well stocked first aid kit with a variety of pieces, including bandages, wipes, plasters and creams as needed.

Please see in store if you want any help deciding what else to pack.

Wishing you all a safe and fun weekend in the hills,