What to wear this Autumn

Ideal items to help keep the chill off this Autumn 

It may be a little early for the winter coat, or the down jacket but with the unpredictable weather that September and October often throw out it’s nice to have something in between so the effect of the wind won’t ruin your hike, or your day out.

At GO Outdoors we stock a range of outerwear for whatever the weather. Allow me to walk you through some items that won’t steer you wrong over the Autumn months.

The outdoors offer some fantastic sights in the Autumn months as the leaves start to change and drop from the trees, but the weather can soon drop in temperature or change quickly, so make sure you’re packed up with all your survival kit and dress appropriately.


Regatta Thompson Microfleece £6.99

This seems a somewhat obvious choice, a fleece is great for a hike or day to day life. This versatile garment is an integral part of the layering system, whether part of a 3 in 1 Jacket, or a fleece that can be zipped inside of an interactive jacket. Fleeces come in a variety of styles; Fleece Jackets, heavyweight fleeces, midweight fleeces and microfleeces. A fleece can be a great every day wind blocker.

If the rain comes down, the emergency waterproof in your rucksack will easily cover the fleece if you don’t have an interactive jacket.

Softshell Jacket

Rab Vapour Rise Trail Softshell £72

Softshell Jackets are an outer shell jacket with windproof qualities. These jackets are usually used on blustery days out in the hills, but don’t contain waterproofing so a back up waterproof jacket to go over the top is always needed just in case there is a change in the weather.

A Softshell jacket is not only practical for colder days, they are generally quite stylish also and always have a great look to them. These jackets factor in breathability and wind proofing to really keep the chill off of your body. Most softshells have an active fit which makes them ideal for the active outdoor person. A little more expensive than a fleece, but offers up great protection against the wind. A nice addition for any serious walker.


The North Face Nuptse Vest £99

Much like a soft shell jacket, a Gilet is ideal for an active outdoor person. The body is kept warm while the arms have a full range of motion. Ideally worn with a baselayer underneath these practical items are actually quite fashionable in 2011 so if you’ve never thought of picking up a gilet before, maybe now is your chance.

Gilet’s come in a variety of styles from softshell, to fleece to down gilets to keep you warm in a variety of conditions and for whatever use you can find for it.This means that a Gilet can range from very cheap, to over £100 depending on the type, so make sure you choose wisely if you pick up one.

So there is a brief introduction for Autumn wear, at GO Outdoors our brand new Autumn and Winter ranges are due in this September and will be worth a look to check out all the brand new styles and technologies that the biggest outdoor brands have come up with this year. Ive had a preview of the range and i’ll be featuring a few brands over the next couple of weeks, some really great kit on it’s way to our stores!

– Brandon