Repair and Care for your Tent

Make sure your tent is in great shape before it hibernates for another year 

Caring for your tent is the key to making sure it stands the test of time. Often tents are packed away damp, or tossed in the garage and owners find that they’ve got some issues to rectify come the next time they need it. Caring for your tent couldn’t be simpler, and with these tips you’ll get plenty more use out of it.

Pole Repair

With high winds, storms, glorious sunshine and more this summer, your poles may have come under a lot of stress, resulting in some splintering in either the pole or snapping of the elastic inside. Issues like this are easy to repair, and once you’ve done it once, you’ll never worry about another pole broke again.

In this video Ian Mac takes you through the process of cutting generic poles to fit your tent, and re-threading the elastic to make them as good as new.

Please note: Fibreglass poles may break over time or under too much pressure. These breakages are not covered by your tent guarantee and will need to be repaired. Advice is always available in store. The poles are designed to break to prevent them damaging the rest of your tent.

For air tent punctures, please use the repair kit provided.

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Seam/Tear Repair

Tears can occur in fabric for a variety of reasons, this along with a seam that has begun to come unstuck can cause for leaks during bad weather. It’s worth getting these issues repaired before your next trip.

In the following video, Ian Mac takes us through simple and cost effective tear and seam repair.

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Does Your Tent Need Reproofing?

Over time tent fabric, like jacket fabric will lose it’s waterproof properties, for tents this is usually down to sun damage, or being stored damp. Reproofing your tent may seem daunting, but with a bit of space it’s really quite a simple process.

We wouldn’t recommend reproofing until your tent actually needs it. It’s easy to check this, if water continues to bead from the tent like a waterproof jacket, then it is fine, however if the tent fabric begins to absorb water (like a cotton tshirt would) then it will need to be reproofed.

In this video Ian Mac walks us through some tips about tent proofing

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Tent Storage

If your tent is stored from summer to summer, follow these simple tips to make sure to preserve it’s condition till next year.

  • Store in a cool & dry place
  • Consider storing out of it’s bag (and in a looser bag) so the fabric can breathe (alternatively you can air the tent out before your next trip
  • Only store your tent clean and dry. Debris can cause damage to the fabric, and damp can cause the tent to grow mould and mildew
  • Don’t store your tent bag on it’s end, this can cause damage to the poles inside


Still unsure?

If you have any questions about tent care, don’t hesitate to pop into your local GO Outdoors store and speak with our camping experts.