Best Tents for the British Summer

GO Outdoors Top Five Tents for tackling the unpredictable Summer.

If there’s one thing you can never predict, it’s the British weather, so we’ve selected 5 of the best tents for all weather conditions to help you camp through the summer in comfort and style!

The best thing about get a family sized tent is that it’s going to give you the space you need.  Larger tents also offer extras like canopies, porches, footprints and carpets, that can all take camping to ‘glamping’ without spending too much. Because the weather forecast for Britain can be changeable, here are some of the best tents with great waterproofing qualities. Made with sewn-in groundsheets that don’t need extra work to pitch, these tents just require you to pop the poles in, guy them out and get in, great if you’re arriving on site in a downpour and don’t want to risk water getting into your tent.

Here are our pick of the 5 best tents for their price, design and waterproof properties.

Vango Icarus 500 – A large ‘do it all’ tent for all weathers and all types of camper.

Vango Icarus 500

The Icarus 500 is exceptionally easy to use making it ideal for new campers, whilst the Vango brand can be trusted, so there’s no need to be dubious before you hand over your hard-earned cash.
Offering great value for the space, this 5 berth tent is ideal for 3 people, plus bags.

The Icarus holds it’s own against wind, whilst the sewn-in groundsheet means no drafts can get in.  Because it has loads of room in the sleeping area with enough headroom to stand up,  spacious storage areas and the ability to be teamed with a footprint, carpet and canopy, this is a great ‘new camper’ tent.



Outwell Montana 6 – Striking size and all mod cons.

Outwell Montana 6

The Montana 6 is a tent of exceptional quality. The size is striking, from the large windows to the tall roof, and it’s easy to see why it was named as the tent of the year 2011.
Easy to put up, very sturdy against wind, and with plenty of space to both sleep and stand indoors, the Montana 6 can still be packed down into a small (included) holdall for easy transportation, even if you don’t have a Range Rover!

The features like the inner partition make this great for getting away with older children, and the electric hookup inlet means they won’t be ‘cut off’’ from the world too much! The Montana 6 can also be teamed with a footprint and a carpet for more warmth and comfort.



Hi Gear Gobi 4 – all you need for weekend fun.

Hi Gear Gobi 4

The Gobi 4 is the perfect price if you want a spacious tent for two people, plus bags. A good progression from a dome, with a living area big enough for 2 or more, and a bedroom that can take two double beds, this is an excellent tent for a quick getaway or a longer holiday.
With an excellent level of stability, the Gobi 4 can stand up to extreme winds and rain with no problems, with no extra time needed to pitch up – great for new campers staying in Britain!

The Gobi 4 also offers good ground level waterproofing thanks to a sewn-in groundsheets, and you can use the carpet for extra comfort on colder nights.



Hi Gear Zenobia 6 – A bigger than average getaway tent.

Hi Gear Zenobia 6

A bestseller for us at GO Outdoors is the fantastic Zenobia 6. The size of the Zenobia is impressive, but it’s layout makes it easy to handle and pitch in a short amount of time, even for camping novices!  The Zenobia 6 is great for 4-6 people on a holiday or short trip away, and is a fantastic family tent.

Even though it has a generous sleeping area, as well as a large living area and even more room with the porch, it still stays warm and dry in all conditions, especially when used with the footprint. Great for longer trips, and at a great value price for new campers or those wanting a bigger second tent, the Zenobia 6 won’t disappoint.



Hi Gear Voyager 6 – A family favourite

Hi Gear Voyager 6

Stabile and spacious, the Voyager 6 has a great design for campers wanting a luxury trip! Great with a footprint, groundsheet and a porch, the Voyager 6 is warm and cosy even in torrential rain and wind, with double guy ropes that hold it firm and steady.

Great for a family of 3 or 4, the large, dark bedroom areas are great for young children or sleepy teens, whilst the easy-to-put-up design (complete with instructions sewn in to the tent bag) stop any adult arguments.
In summary, if you’re looking for a family tent, or a larger than usual weekend tent, any of the above will serve you well.

If you want to check out our tents in the flesh, as it were, come to any GO Outdoors store and browse our tent floors or our outdoor pitched tents. Our tent specialists can offer you advice on all parts of tent buying, from what to choose, how to pitch, or what bit goes where, so you look the part when you reach the campsite!

Happy camping