Test of Time Winner Announced

We’ve trawled your old kit and selected out first winner!

The Test of Time is a competition we set up two weeks ago to try and get you all to send us photos and stories of your old kit that has stood the test of time and adventure, and many of you responded fantastically. We’ve chosen our first winner and the winner is…

Steve Stoddart! Steve sent us this great picture of a real relic of a jacket that he’s still got with him today.

Steve wrote:
“Pictures of my Duvet jacket, bought believe or not, 42 years ago from a branch of Blacks, which used to be a short walk from the new Go Outdoors store in Hanley, Stoke on Trent.

It was a good quality jacket, reduced because it was the least popular colour. Its lasted really well, keeping me warm on the hills, on climbing trips (years ago), at football matches and on the back of motorbikes!

Its become my “shed jacket” (notice the odd rip and repair patch),

I just couldn’t throw it away…..to many good memories….even found an old karabiner in the pocket…a reminder of sitting on top of a limestone pillar in Dovedale in a snow flurry!

I can still zip it up even I’m a bit larger than I was 42 years ago. Given the battering its had, its been a remarkable bit of kit, well worth every penny, although I can’t remember how much I paid for it then.”

The winner was selected by GO Outdoors MD John Graham, who was taken by just how long Steve and this jacket had managed to look after each other.

The Test of Time competition continues, for more information on how to enter, click here.

– Brandon