Things You’ll Spot at Every UK Campsite

There’s some things you’ll see at any UK campsite this Summer

Camping is one of the UK’s favourite pastimes. Year after year thousands of couples, families and groups of friends head off to spend time on organised campsites for their summer holidays. The early morning trek to the toilets, the onsite disco at night – some things are the same no matter which site you head to, so we’ve created some bingo cards to check off on your next camping holiday.

Camping to some is a back to basics approach, a night under the stars in the hills with just a tent and the bare essentials. Camping for others is a value summer holiday with the family along with a car and trailer filled to the brim with plenty of camping related equipment.

If you’re heading to a campsite this summer, pitch up, get the kettle on (or the wine out) and take a look around, see how many of these you can spot.




















To download a printable version: Click here

Think we’ve missed something? Leave us a comment below with some of the common sights you’ve seen while camping.