Time for a Re-Boot?

Keep your feet dry through wetter months with waterproof boots 

On a day in the hills, your boots have a tough task: providing support when it’s rocky, grip when it’s slippery and waterproofing when it’s wet. At this time of year even if it’s dry overhead it might not be underfoot, so be sure to treat your feet to a boot that’s up to the task.

Modern walking boots now offer 100% waterproofing, using ultra-lightweight linings like GORE-TEX that keep water out without locking perspiration in. Not only are dry feet warmer and more comfortable, but are also less prone to irritation and blistering.

Protect your Investment

Modern waterproof linings are tough and flexible, but rely on the boots’ other parts to protect them. Proper aftercare not only increases the life of your boot, but also the life of its waterproofing. Shop online for all your cleaning and proofing needs, and remember…

  1. 1. Clean Inside – Brush or rinse out grit that can damage your linings
  2. 2. Clean Outside – Avoid ingrained dirt which harms leather and hinders proofing
  3. 3. Reproof – Prevent cracking, keep footwear supple and comfortable

Look after your boots and they will look after you through snow and wet weather whether you are out on the hills or heading to work.