18 Tips for Camping with Kids

Camping with the kids? It’s all fun and games.

We get plenty of new families in our stores asking about the right kit to take for their first camping trip, but once you have all the kit, how do you keep the little ones entertained for a week in a tent? Or long car journeys to your campsite? We’ve got some tips from genuine camping families.

We asked the members of the Tent Talk Camping Facebook Group which is full of families that camp regularly, what their tips would be for first time campers with children.


  • Let kids pack a bag of their own with their favourite toys and books.
  • In car games such as Eddie Stobart/Mini/Yellow Car spotting, or creating your own bingo cards made of colours of cars and lorries.
  • Portable DVD player or hand held gaming consoles. – Graham Spink
  • Organiser pouch hung over the back of the chair filled with colouring books, books, fruit or sweets. – Charlie Gardiner
  • Sick kit (baby wipes, strong bags, disinfectant wipes and kitchen roll)

At the Site

  • Let the kids get involved with the set up. Holding the tent pegs, helping to hammer them in if they’re old enough.
  • Have some pre-made food on arrival so kids aren’t complaining they’re hungry while parents set up camp.
  • Meals can take longer to prepare while camping, have snacks to hand to tide over hungry bellies. – Sarah Probert
  • Blankets so children can still sit outside when the temperature drops at night.
  • Make the most of outdoor games such as swingball, badminton sets, footballs, on site play areas or bikes.
  • Encourage enjoyment of the outdoors with nature trails and geocaching.


In the Tent

  • A black fitted bedsheet over the inside of your bedroom pod can make the pod darker, which will hopefully result in waking up later. – Nicholas Whelan
  • Bucket/Camping toilet for middle of the night emergencies.
  • Zip tent doors so the zip is near the top, stops smaller children ‘escaping’.
  • Layer up at night to prevent getting cold.


What About the Rain?

This is Britain, and the chance of it raining during your holiday are quite high. What can you do to pass the time? Plenty!

  • Board games / Card Games (worth keeping secret to other items taken, so it’s something new and not ‘boring’ when it does rain. – Helen Ormondroyd
  • Portable DVD player / Ipad
  • Take waterproof suits and enjoy the outdoors anyway! Poor weather often cuts down on queues at local attractions. There’s no such thing as bad weather, only incorrect clothing.


Use your time outdoors for fantastic quality time together, try and avoid TV’s and computer games where possible. Camping should be about family, or kids making new friends and lifelong memories.

Got a tip you think might be helpful to camping parents? Let us know in the comments.

Have a great time!