Top 10 Last Minute Glamping Picks

Step into the realm of hassle-free outdoor indulgence with our last-minute glamping picks!

Perfect for all you outdoor enthusiasts who love the idea of embracing nature without compromising on comfort, we’ve got just the right line-up to make your getaways a breeze. Whether it’s a spontaneous solo trip, a quick family escape, or a romantic weekend retreat, we’ve handpicked a range of essential products that cater to your need for comfort and simplicity. So, if you’re a nature lover who also appreciates the finer things in life, join us in discovering these fantastic glamping finds that are just a click away.

Sleeping on Air

Elevate your glamping experiences to a new level of comfort with the award-winning Hi Rise Foam King Size Airbed, recently crowned the prestigious Which? Best Buy award for best Airbed! Crafted for both adventurers and everyday use, the Hi-Gear Hi Rise Foam King Size Airbed delivers unparalleled luxury beneath the stars. The memory foam top layer guarantees a sumptuous night’s sleep, while the I-beam construction offers unwavering support. Setting up is a breeze thanks to the built-in mains-powered pump, ensuring swift deflation and inflation. Big enough to comfortably accommodate two sleepers, it’s time to bring home the outdoors with the ultimate glamping companion.

Cosy & Comfy

Unwind with your partner in unparalleled comfort using the Berghaus Indulge Double Sleeping Bag. Built for couples or those who cherish space, this cosy sleeping bag offers a roomy haven under the stars. Its generous square shape, coupled with a plush cotton flannel lining and a built-in pillow, ensures your camping nights are nothing short of indulgent. While it might not be the most lightweight or compact option, the Berghaus Indulge shines during couples’ glamping getaways, where rejuvenating sleep takes precedence.

Ambient Lighting

Add some brightness to your glamping getaway with this Multi-Coloured Rope Light from Hi-Gear. Wrap it around the inside of your glamping tent or nearby trees, bushes, fencing or furniture to provide ambient illumination to your space. The perfect little last-minute addition to maker your home away from home feel like it’s truly yours!

Keep it Cool

Introducing the Hi-Gear Thermec 25L Portable Fridge – your trusty companion for keeping things cool around camp. Crafted for convenience, it seamlessly connects to both 12v car sockets and 240v mains, meeting the latest energy standards. Its 25-litre interior, adjustable via the user-friendly knob, offers efficient storage in low ECO or high MAX modes. It is crafted from robust polypropylene, making it easy to clean and built to last. The built-in carry handle and sealing lid add to its functional design and when powered, it keeps items 20°C below the ambient temperature, maintaining freshness for around 24 hours even when unplugged. Stay refreshed wherever you wander with the Hi-Gear Thermec 25L Portable Fridge.

Lighten Your Load

Lighten your load effortlessly with the Hi-Gear Folding Gear Buggy. Designed to shoulder your equipment en route to the campsite, this versatile buggy is your ultimate glamping companion. Crafted from sturdy, weather-resistant steel and fortified with robust wheels and fast-drying fabric, it conquers uneasy terrains with ease. The practical easy-grip, long pull handle streamlines hauling your gear through festival grounds. Say goodbye to heavy lifting and embrace the convenience of the Hi-Gear Folding Gear Buggy for a hassle-free outdoor experience.

21st Century Campfire

Step into 21st-century heating bliss with the BioLite Smokeless FirePit+. Combining nostalgic wood campfire ambience with cutting-edge technology, this marvel redefines outdoor warmth. Experience the crackle, warmth, and scent of a wood fire without the smoke! This is thanks to patented airflow innovation utilised within the FirePit+. With 51 airjets strategically injecting oxygen, combustion achieves unparalleled efficiency. The x-ray mesh grants a 360° view of the radiant embers and emerging flames. The final modern touch, Bluetooth integration offers control via the BioLite Energy App, regulating fan intensity at your fingertips.

Eat like Royalty

Indulge in regal dining experiences with the Vango Sizzle Double Induction Hob. Elevating campsite cooking to new heights, this masterpiece boasts user-friendly design and effortless cleaning. With its 800W double hob, reaching temperatures up to 200 degrees swiftly and securely in the great outdoors is a breeze. The automatic pan sensor ensures a stainless steel bottom pan is perfectly placed, emitting an audible alert if not. Safety reigns supreme with the integrated cooling fan, thwarting overheating and maintaining a cool outer surface.
Unleash your inner culinary royalty on your next glamping getaway with the Vango Sizzle Double Induction Hob.

Stay Connected

Stay connected and charged on all your glamping adventures with the BioLite SolarPanel. Engineered to keep your devices juiced up in real time, the highly efficient SolarPanel 5+ is your reliable power source in any scenario. Its 360-degree kickstand ensures a stable setup on any terrain. Make the most of the sun’s energy with the precision of the optimal sun dial, guaranteeing perfect alignment and maximum utilization of every sunbeam. With the BioLite SolarPanel, you’re always equipped to power up and stay connected when glamping, ensuring your devices are ready to roll wherever you roam.

Four-Legged Friends

Treat your loyal companion to the epitome of comfort with the Scruffs Chester Dog Bed. Wrapped in a plush lining that’s as cosy as it is inviting, this bed is designed to provide your furry friend with a luxurious resting place on all your glamping getaways!

And there you have it – a curated selection of essential gear that turns your last-minute glamping getaway into an absolute breeze!

From luxurious sleeping solutions to innovative cooking tools and everything in between, these products redefine outdoor comfort and convenience. Embrace the joy of spontaneous adventures without sacrificing the comforts of home with GO Outdoors!