Top Picks for Autumn Adventures

After a belter of a summer, autumn is finally here. Time to put your summer shorts to one side and start to think about all the perks the cooler seasons have to offer. Crisp golden leaves, bonfire night, Christmas celebrations and endless fun in the snow, What’s not to love?  You may end up feeling a bit chilly when the temperatures drop, but if you take heed from our Top Picks for Autumn Adventures, keeping warm this Autumn will be no problem.


First off, as we enter the Autumn months and the weather starts to take a change, you’re going to need something that can deal with this change from bright sunny days to chilly grey outings, that’s where a good waterproof jacket comes into play.

The most important aspect of your waterproof jacket is that it keeps water from getting in, obviously. But, you also need it to be breathable as well so that air can escape when facing your next adventures head on. You don’t want to keep rain out only to end up soaked in sweat. Here at GO Outdoors we have a fantastic range of waterproof jackets for both men and women, all packed with unique features and technologies designed to keep you and your family shielded from the elements this Autumn.

If you wanted to go a step further this Autumn and provide more coverage around the body, why not upgrade to a 3-in-1 jacket. A massively versatile option, a 3-in-1 provides both the waterproof softshell jacket that keeps you shielded from the rain and a warm interior fleece that can be zipped into the jacket to layer up and create the full piece. 3-in-1’s are perfect for the Autumn months when weather is at its most unpredictable. The softshell works to keep you dry in wet weather, but can be easily removed when the sky starts to clear to leave just the fleece, keeping you warm for the remainder of your adventure.


Inexpensive, easy to care for, and available in a myriad of colours and styles, there’s a fleece for every adventure. Fleece are great for Autumn months when the temperature starts to drop but isn’t quite in minus temperatures just yet as they trap tiny pockets of warm air and prevent body heat from escaping. As the seasons change and the weather becomes more chaotic, you can always rely on a cosy insulating fleece that can be worn by itself, or as midlayer under a waterproof jacket. We have fleece available in a wide variety of styles from plenty of different brands. Have a look through our range here.


Footwear is one of the most important pieces of outdoor gear you should own. Without it, your feet are in for a bumpy ride. When choosing footwear for the outdoors you want to approach it slightly differently than you would with any other pair of shoes. Rather than choosing for style and aesthetic you want to be shopping for purpose, finding the shoes that are perfect for your kind of adventure. Walking boots are always a safe choice, offering durability, comfort and support with every step, helping you go the extra mile. We stock hundreds of walking boots in a wide variety of styles and colourways, why not take a look through our range to find the perfect pair for you? Alternatively, if boots seem a bit much for you and you want to keep it lightweight and low-profile, we also have an impressive range of walking shoes.

Outdoor Trousers

A must have for any outdoor enthusiast embarking upon Autumn Adventure, outdoor trousers, more specifically, walking trousers, are often overlooked and surprisingly, many people don’t consider them when thinking of adventure essentials; but once you’ve tried a pair on and dived head first into the outdoors you’ll never want to head out without them. If you’ve ever headed out on a walk in jeans you’ll know first-hand that it can be an uncomfortable endeavour, they rub, chafe and restrict movement. With a pair of outdoor trousers however, all of these problems are non-existent. Stretchy fabrics prevent chafing whilst enhancing freedom of movement, so mobility is never compromised. Whilst boasting all these stretch capabilities, these pants are often hard-wearing as well, so not only will they be comfortable, but they’ll be long-lasting as well. Find the perfect pair for you here.


Thermals are the key to keeping cosy warm all throughout the colder months. Your first layer of insulation, hence why they’re commonly known as base layers, thermals are almost like a second skin. Ideal thermals will sit tight on your skin and wick sweat away from the body to keep you feeling comfortable as well as warm. Have a gander through our collection of thermals to keep the cold at bay this Autumn.


Keep the noggin toasty this Autumn with a stylish beanie. With prices starting at less than a fiver why not pack one in each of your jackets so it’s always there when needed. You can find our impressive range of beanies and other winter hats here.

So that’s our top picks for when the Autumn months roll in. You can pick up everything you need at GO Outdoors; simply visit us online or in-store. Don’t let the cold ruin your plans and simply #GoMakeTheMostOfIt