Top Tips for Keeping Warm this Bonfire Night

Bonfire night – a time of fireworks, fun and frivolities. Whether you’re at an organised event or enjoying a small garden gathering, making the most of your bonfire night starts with what you wear. As November brings chillier and wetter weather, dress head to toe in our top bonfire night essentials and enjoy the seasonal fun outdoors.

Start at the Base

The first layer of any successful cold weather outfit is the thermal baselayer. Designed like a second skin, thermals provide a layer of warmth but more importantly manage your body’s moisture (your sweat) so you stay warmer and drier for longer. Look for Merino wool fabric styles which are soft to the touch and are naturally breathable, wicking moisture from your skin for lasting comfort.

The Second Layer

The fleece has reigned supreme as a staple essential in wardrobes up and down the land. Like a thermal baselayer, an outdoor fleece provides warmth, comfort and breathability. From pullover style fleece to full-zip jackets, there is a cosy layer for everyone in the family.

Insulated Jacket

Boost your layered cold weather outfit with an ultra-toasty insulated jacket from GO Outdoors. The sole job of an insulated jacket is to lock in your body heat and distance you from the cold. Synthetic insulated jackets are often an affordable option which are easy to maintain and can deal with damp conditions well. Down jackets can cost more but are a popular alternative because they deliver outstanding warmth for the weight and can often be packed down into a stuff sack or their own pocket.

Insulated jackets are available with extra features such as cosy hoods, hem drawcords and a shower-proof outer. If you prefer a classic style and longer-length, then take a look at a winter parka.

Top Tip: Take care near bonfires as lose embers can create burn marks on your insulated jacket.

Gloves, Hats, Scarves

Protect your head, neck and fingers with cosy winter accessories designed to keep you warm. A woolly beanie hat, gloves or mittens and a super-snug scarf are great essentials for any bonfire night outfit.


November can sometimes bring about sudden showers. Shelve your favourite trainers and slip into a pair of practical wellies or outdoor shoes to deal with the wet ground and potential mud at any bonfire night event. Don’t forget to load your welly boot bag into your car for the return journey.

Final Top Tips

Here’s a few extra bonfire night tips to keep you feeling warm outdoors:

  • Firework displays and bonfire events tend to mean you’re standing in the cold for a long time. Get the kids involved and do some movements like the floss, star jumps or jogging on the spot to raise your body temperature
  • Hand warmers are a great accessory – stuff your hands in your jacket pocket with them and enjoy the warmth they give off
  • Order a hot drink or take your own flask and enjoy a warm beverage outdoors
  • Take a head torch in-case you find yourself in a dark patch and need to light the way