Top Ways to Get Fit Outdoors

How can you get fit without the costly gym membership? 

January comes with a torrent of celebrity-endorsed fitness DVD’s and all the local Gym’s telling you that it’s a new year and a new you (for their small sign up fee). While gyms are great for fitness, there are also plenty of ways to keep fit outdoors, and the scenery is a little nicer too.

Here we take a look at the best ways to lose a few pounds through 2018:

Different sources tell you different figures on the minimum amount of cardiovascular exercise you need to partake in each week, but for many just adding that little bit more to their daily routine can make a world of difference.


1) Cycling

It seems almost long gone that you could go out on Christmas morning and spot all the new bikes being ridden around at the first possible chance, but cycling is a great way to get your endorphins flowing and kick your metabolism back into play.

Cycle to work
The best resolution you could make in 2018 is to start cycling to work. With so many companies now offering discounts on bikes through the cycle to work scheme, if the journey is realistic then this daily exercise will have you shedding weight and feeling great.

Cycle with the family
Invest in a bike rack, and take the family out to a nearby cycle trail. Not only is this a great way to keep active, but it’s more like a game to children than going on a hike – so they’ll be less likely to protest.
2) Climbing

Who didn’t love climbing and clambering when they were young? One thing you’ll notice about those who climb, is that they are always in fantastic shape. This one is even a good option for those who want to build strength and carve out that V-shaped torso.

Climbing, whether indoors or outdoors, works up great grip, arm, back and shoulder strength, and with ever-changing routes and indoor locations along with fantastic scenery at outdoor spots, it really is an activity to get on board with.



3) Running

This one goes without saying right? It’s one of the cheapest forms of exercise and your only limit is where you want to take yourself. There are a few different ways to keep running interesting.

Distance Running
Many running clubs in towns and cities offer free-to-take-part 5km and 10km runs on a monthly basis. Racing with others can inspire you to give that little more, and constant improvement of your times creates an achievement to work toward.

Distance training can be done anywhere, download a free Running app such as Run Keeper, or Nike+ and get to work smashing those times and distances.

Fell Running
Andy Serkis once stated in a Daily Mail article that Fell Running was his ideal cure for a hangover. He heads out, finds a hill and makes a run for it!

Fell Running will take you off-road, up mountains and in touch with some fantastic sights. Make sure you are equipped with Fell Running shoes for stability and foot protection on a more uneven surface.

Running Clubs
You have probably driven past these guys in your local area, a group of folks who get together in hi-vis attire and head out for a run. Running or training with a partner will help you push yourself to new limits and keep you focused on the task at hand. Why not find your local club, or a partner and head out on the roads or trails?



4) Walking

This could be as little as walking more in your daily routine, or just grabbing a pair of walking boots and heading for the trails and hills. Commit to going that little further this year – ascend your first peak, ascend a higher peak, or get involved out on the trails.

Walking is a hobby that will keep on giving, offering fantastic views and locations to discover along the way.

Not sure where to start? Why not hunt out your local walking club (You’ll find most by Googling ‘Walking Club’ + your town) these groups are a great way to keep fit as well as highly sociable.



So there you have it, 4 basic areas to start with, if you want to get fit without the gym price tag (Of course there are hundreds, maybe thousands of others). Outdoor exercise is scientifically proven to lower stress levels due to the calming effect of ‘Green’ (That’s green scenery and fresh air) – seems like as good a reason as any to give it a go, right?

We’d love to hear your favourite ways to keep fit outdoors, or your stories of new starts, leave us a comment below