UK Woman first to Cross Antarctica Solo

Felicity Aston gets her name in the record books

The hay day of exploration may be long gone, there doesn’t seem to be many ‘firsts’ left to grab on the surface of things. That didn’t stop Felicity Aston who has become the first female to cross the content of Antarctica alone. The record came in late on Sunday with her support team tweeting about just how proud they were of the achievement. The crossing which started at Leverett Glacier, it took Felicity 59 days to cross the continent skiing using only her own strength for the 1,084 miles (another record broken according to AP news) .

Weather permitting she should be home in the UK and off home to Kent by January 31st.

On her achievement in a podcast Felicity said:

“It’s all a little bit overwhelming after days and days of counting the time and the distance to get here. I seem to have got here all of a rush all of a sudden and I don’t really feel prepared for it. I mean it feels amazing to be finished and yet overwhelmingly sad that it’s over at the same time.”

A fantastic achievement worth celebrating, in this a year of the Olympic games where Britain has the chance to show them world what an active nation we are.

A big congratulations to Felicity Aston from all here at GO Outdoors.

All through 2012 we at GO Outdoors will be urging you to ‘Give it a Go’ and try a new activity this year, it may not be a solo crossing of Antarctica, but it doesn’t have to be. Try something new in 2012 and let us know how you get on!

– Brandon