Ultimate Winter Product – Yaktrax Ice Grips

Imagine having the ability to never slip over on an icy surface, to be able to walk with ease in all conditions with 100% confidence. Is this possible?

Well this week on the GO Outdoors Show, Mike and Ollie decided to test this theory.

It was time to have a race…

So what are Yaktrax?

Simply, your saviour! Wearing a pair of these formidable ice grips allows you to fully dominate any slippery surface and prevent falling over. Simply slip them on over your regular walking shoes, winter boots or running shoes to provide fantastic winter grip.

Don’t worry about the on and off process, as they’re easy to fit too. Made from a thermal plastic elastomer, they have the ability to stretch easily to fit the shape of your footwear, allowing for a fast and easy attachment ensuring you’re up and running in no time. Once they’re on the hand-wound metal coil grip will take over and falling down will be a thing of the past.

Being light-weight and easy to compact, the Yaktrax are perfect for keeping with you for if a slippery situation was to arise. Capable of performing down to temperatures as low as -41°F, you can be sure they will perform no matter where you are.

Tread carefully!

Yaktrax ‘Walker’ Snow Grips

Yaktrax Pro Ice Grips

Yaktrax XTR Extreme Ice and Snow Grips