A View To A Hill

This week we see the celebration of 50 years of James Bond, and with this in mind we decided to take a look at some Go Outdoors gadgets that Bond could rely on.

Your getaway box, erm boat

Picture the scene, after a fierce car chase you’ve reached the end of the road and the bad guys are bearing down on you.  No need to panic, simply arch a single eyebrow, remove the roof box and cast off. Despite heavy machine fire from the shore and your ridiculously gingerly, uncoordinated rowing, you escape without a scratch. Again.

This 650 litre roof box not only provides additional storage for all your camping gear, but when you get to your location, it turns into a boat! The Boat Box, the ultimate in espionage escape craft.

Watch out James!

The Garmin Fenix practically out Bonds Bond, surely this ought to be standard issue at GCHQ?

Built with a high performance GPS system and heart rate monitor, along with altimeter, barometer and compass functions, you can outmanoeuvre your enemy with ultimate hands-free navigation.

Developed together with professional mountain guides for the needs of alpine athletes, trail runners, back country skiers, it’s equally suited to agents of Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

Shaken and pured

It’s not often James drinks out of a ditch but if he did then he’d look no further than the Steripen Journey. No matter where you are, or what situation you find yourself in, with the Journey you can purify water at 48 seconds per half a litre.

Killing all viruses, bacteria and protozoa, the Journey ensures you can get have access to fresh water at all times and the LCD screen will ensure you can easily select your quantity to purify and will keep you informed of battery life and how long until purification is reached.

Do you expect me to Spork?

If you stretch your imagination you could dig yourself out of a bad situation with this gadget. The Spork is an innovative design that saves space and does everything you need it to. A firm favourite for the gadget lovers and anyone that loves to carry light but not miss out on the home comforts. We all need to eat!

Keep it with your money, Penny

Suave and sophisticated, the Victorinox Jelly Card fits nicely into a credit card compartment, but that doesn’t hold it back!

With 13 clever functions, it has more ability to get you out of situations than you have to get into them. Who can predict when you might need scissors, tweezers or maybe a magnifying glass? It’s the perfect companion for when you’re on the move…or on the run!